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Chilling Out
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ISBN-10: 1-89484-131-X
Genre: Supernatural/Horror/Suspense/Thriller
eBook Length: 42 Pages
Published: June 2013

From inside the flap

At the current temperature of seventy degrees, I figure my shelf-life is about half a day.

Being a zombie certainly has its complications, but Paris is determined to survive.

An old-fashioned remedy might hold the secret to her longevity. If only she can stay alive long enough to test it out...

Chilling Out (Excerpt)

At the current temperature of seventy degrees, I figure my shelf-life is about half a day. According to what's left of the Internet, an erratic, unreliable skeleton of its former self-pun intended-the spoiling temperature of meat is forty degrees. I found the info on website, but it crashed before I could read the rest of it. No one's got time to read a post anymore, few people even have access to a working computer, or the power to run it, but I'll try to post whatever I find out. Who knows, it may save someone else. I imagine there's quite a few people like me trying to stave off the infection and hold out for a cure. Good luck to you all. You're going to need it.

Having only a few hours of, um, freshness leaves me with few options. Somehow, I need to get myself into a refrigerator, a thing nearly as rare as an Internet connection these days. If not my condition will become obvious in a matter of hours. The penalty for that-well, let's just say I won't be worrying about my options anymore. I just won't be anymore.

Finding an abandoned refrigeration unit shouldn't be a problem. There's one full of rotting food in every abandoned house on the block. Sometimes they tried the same thing as me. I guess it worked until the power went out. The hard part is locating a power source and then keeping it quiet while it runs.

Since I have a generator in my trunk and a campsite set up in the woods, all I need is the refrigerator. And possibly a shotgun. Not that I know how to use one or anything. I'm sure I can figure it out, though. And I'll post what I can.