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Book 2 of SINC series
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ISBN-10: 1-77115-380-6
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy/SF
eBook Length: 230 Pages
Published: September 2017

From inside the flap

Vanessa Evans is a young, up and coming new scientist on the brink of a leading edge discovery that will change humanity foreverů for better or for worse is the question?

SINC technology will reshape the way humankind will function day to day, educate and evolve as a species, and even cohabitate, all beginning with a simple download. But what builds us also can break us in two.

Interface follows the story of Vanessa, the leader and pioneer of the SINC technology and how she witnesses first hand, the effects the SINC brings. Fighting for her children and her own path of existence, Vanessa is put through many challenges, from a widening of the impoverished gap, to cruel societal and hierarchal expectations.

Torn between right and wrong, Vanessa must find a way to survive in a society split vastly apart with those who have and those who do not have as the SINC implementation into social structure does come with a cost.

Interface is the second book in the SINC series.

Interface (Excerpt)

Chapter 1

I never should have cut my hair into bangs. Now that they are growing out, they are always getting in my face. I wish they would just stay in the plastic clip I forced them into when I dashed out of my house this morning. Of course, they have maneuvered their way in front of my eyes, blocking my view of the cobble stoned paths of my university. I am racing in the rain, almost blinded by my poor choice in hair-cut. It may look like I am running for my life, but it is actually the opposite, I am running towards it. After all, I get to be a part of the big announcement, and I know, that today will be the best day of my life.

"Slow down!" One teenager yells as two others laugh. I know I must look crazy jumping and dodging other students. So many of them are on their phones or chatting aimlessly away about their boring classes. But I have a more important place to be. I must get to the auditorium for the announcement.

I double check to see if my backpack even survived this terrifying ride of rushing around campus. It is soaked. Hopefully my speech papers are still dry! It would looked terrible to stand up in front of the media, my colleagues and others to say that our top secret project was a success and that I am a part of a team that has just changed the face of humanity reading of wet and withering speech cards.

What should I try to convey while giving my speech? Should I be humble? I don't want to come off as bragging. I should be proud and enthusiastic, so the world will trust what our project is about! I catch myself moving my lips and talking out loud. Inside the building, people are looking at me and glancing at each other. I must come off as completely crazy! Okay, Vanessa, calm down. It's going to be okay.

I step in, soaking wet, into the cramped back room connected to the auditorium. I am immediately handed a towel and our group of scientists encircle me with their hands extended to congratulate me. Yes, I was the youngest person on the team and probably the one who put most of this project together.

"We just got funding approved from some major corporate investors." Barry, my mentor and revered scientist exclaimed. "This is a breakthrough in humanity. Don't forget to say that in your speech."

"I always thought of our project being private and not funded." I stammer.

"No, no! We would never survive, we need public backing. You're brilliant but you are still so very young and you still have a lot to learn about the business behind breakthroughs." Barry assures me, speaking over the woman announcing my name to the audience in the auditorium. "Remember everything we have talked about and smile for goodness sakes!"

I smile. Genuinely. I am truly happy. I have only worked at this for my entire adult life. Skipping grades in elementary school, finishing high school by the time I was sixteen and zipping through University and Grad School with little social life was all for a moment like this. I wanted something better for my future children to grow up in. Something that I created.

I see my friend and colleague Melanie, beaming at me from the audience as I step towards the podium. She had helped with the project on a public relations level and the media is here because of her. I want to wave to her but I am certain that would not be so professional.

Sandra Devons, the Principal of the University introduces me.

"Welcome Vanessa," Sandra says, gesturing me to the microphone.

"Thank you Principal Devons." I answer, listening to my voice boom to an auditorium of a few hundred media representatives, cameras, scientists, psychologists and University Faculty.

"For over five years," I began slowly, "You have all been here waiting patiently to see if project S would ever come to be. I stand here before you to tell our University, the faculty, respected guests and the media that our long term tests have been a success. The Syndicated Intelligence Neurological Connector, or code name 'SINC', was just a decade ago, nothing more than an idea. I am here to tell you all today that it is now a reality. Humanity will change forever. Thanks to my colleagues and the generous funding of the University, human experiences can now be programmed and not only experienced."

The crowd erupts into a massive applause. I am blinded by the cameras photographing me. I hear one or two boos in a sea of cheers. The SINC is born.