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Zep Tepi
Five Moons: Volume 6
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ISBN-10: 1-77115-337-7
Genre: Science Fiction/Fiction/Adventure
eBook Length: 207 Pages
Published: October 2016

From inside the flap

Before the time of man, according to the ancient legends, the gods walked the earth. The Egyptians had a name for this time. They called it ‘Zep Tepi’ -- the First Time. That time is where this story began. Five Moons: Zep Tepi picks up the story ten thousand years later…

It all started with an emergency call from a world at the farthest edges of explored space.

“You are our only hope,” they tell Dallas Blake and the crew of the Five Moons. A deadly virus will kill them all if the Five Moons doesn’t get the vaccine to them right away. But, like every other mission the Five Moons has taken on, this was but the tip of the iceberg. One thing was certain -- someone tried to kill these people.

But the Five Moons was the Nexus of Fates. It had chosen each member of the crew for a reason. Then it chose Star, but it wasn’t done with them yet. Its next choice would become a light, shining into the darkness.

Zep Tepi (Excerpt)


In the beginning was the ship. And the ship was a light unto mankind. And the light shines into the darkness. But the darkness does not comprehend the light.

And the humans named the ship Tesseract, but that was not the ship's name. But the darkness dwelt amongst the humans and was them. And the darkness was full of its own power. But the darkness did not comprehend the light, and in its darkness, wrecked the ship and killed its crew.

Into that darkest hour, Aeyo came to save the crew and the ship. Of the crew, she could only save four as moons: images of the people they once were. But the darkness hates the light, and it fought back. So Aeyo put me onto the network to save the ship. To the very Gates of Hell did the darkness drag the ship, to have it destroyed, to kill the moons, to hide the evil it had done.

At the very last minute did my father, Toron, find Leaf in the Wind, a single point of light in that sea of human chaos and darkness. But I chose Leaf in the Wind for his warrior's spirit, to save the light that was given unto mankind. And so he set foot upon the decks of this ship and changed everything. Even Leaf in the Wind was changed. While he was dead in his heart but still walking, he opened his eyes and saw the light. And it was good.

And so the ship took a name unto itself -- the Five Moons. And it was good. But the Five Moons is more than just a ship. It is a beacon of light unto mankind. It is the Nexus of Fates.

Dallas Blake discovered the light of four moons: Jessica, Mariah, Jane, and Henry. And he set them free. Together, they saved Emma and Sophie. But the light was not yet complete. And then he found me. I am Iyo, the Fifth Moon. And so we thought that the light was complete.

But the Nexus of Fates had chosen each of us for a reason. It chose me for my tenacity and inner strength. It chose me so that I would choose Leaf in the Wind, Dallas Blake. It chose Dallas Blake to save the Five Moons and its crew. It chose Jessica, Mariah, Jane, and Henry. It chose us all to save Emma and Sophie. It chose us all to touch the lives of many. And the fate of each person who sets foot upon its decks becomes forever entangled with the fates of all the others. And each of us becomes a beacon of light that shines into the darkness.

And then the light chose Star...