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Through the Eyes of Angel Leigh
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ISBN-10: 1-77115-261-3
Genre: Non-Fiction/Self Help
eBook Length: 244 Pages
Published: September 2015

From inside the flap

SARA DULANEY PUGH is a young Christian woman who has been seeing and speaking to the dead since she was three-years-old. As she grew older, Sara’s difference frightened her, making her think she was a “devil child.” But God sent blue bubbles to comfort her and her bubbles follow her even today.

In May 2015, Sara comforted her grandfather by acknowledging she also saw his mother and son, both passed, when they appeared in his hospital room. It was then she realized her own “seeing” was God given. Sara openly accepted her gift and the responsibilities attached and became ANGEL LEIGH.

ANGEL LEIGH explains, “I am a messenger, not a medium. I do not seek the dead; the dead seek me. My duty is to bring peace and closure to those left grieving by giving them messages from their loved ones passed.”

But can Angel Leigh contact souls and solve mysteries of legends still haunting family descendants centuries after the events happened? Angel Leigh proves this is possible when she connects with the souls from the early 1800’s in Tennessee, and discloses the truth never told behind the BELL WITCH LEGEND.

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Reviews and Awards

I am proud of you for accepting your gift. Everyone won't like what you have to say but you call it like you see it. (Literally)

Robert (Bob) Bell

I was so drawn to Sara. She is such a sweet, humble person, and I was amazed at what she came up with, things she could not have known.
Tim Hensen, Curator Adams, Tennessee Museum

As a Bell descendant, I knew something happened to the John Bell family in the early 1800’s, but couldn’t explain it. After working with Dr. Sue and Sara on this project, I am a true believer. The defining moment was when Dr. Sue asked, “Is there a Nancy Jane in a wheelchair connected to the Bell family?” And I did know. In this book, Dr. Sue and Sara clarify questions and unknown secrets about the Bell family.
Sharon (Bell) Hamilton

Through the Eyes of Angel Leigh (Excerpt)





“Keep an open mind and an open path and the WAY will find you!”

Dr. Sue Clifton

In January 2015, I found myself on another whirlwind trip. This time it was to my favorite destination Alaska where I hoped to share the Northern Lights with my friends Hilda and Gayle. Witnessing this ethereal spectacle at just this time would be truly momentous even though I had been blessed many times observing her majesty Aurora dancing during the eight and a half years I had lived in this great state a few years ago. This trip was to be commemorative, scheduled just ahead of the release of my latest novel Under Northern Lights, Book II in a series under contract with The Wild Rose Press and my seventh book published.

Time to witness the Aurora was running out. Our eight-day stay was coming to an end, and only a faint cloud of green had shown itself. That was a couple of nights earlier while in my old home village of Manley Hot Springs. Our last day before our flight home was drawing to a close, and desperate measures had to be taken if the mission was to be accomplished.

“One last chance!” I announced as we three sat in our hotel room, our long faces etched in gloom over the prospects of having to leave the spectacular Last Frontier without seeing the magical lights.

“It will cost us to go with this photographer who is also a tour guide. But he’s the best there is and takes amazing videos of the Aurora. It will be worth it.” I added this as my closing argument.

The vote was three to nothing in favor of spending the money even though our cash flow was now at a slow, thin trickle, and our credit cards were teetering on “Busted by Damn!” But our gambling had paid off too many times during our senior adventurous years to go chicken now. We would take this last challenge to see the Aurora Borealis! I took out my cell phone and made the call.

“I’m not really taking a tour group out tonight since I’m videoing a UAF (University of Alaska) research rocket being sent into the Aurora,” the videographer/tour guide told me. My heart dropped, landing around my ankles as my glance fell on the thrift shop Alaskan down coat and white bunny boots I’d purchased specifically for the grand finale.

“But if the three of you don’t mind the distraction since my main focus has to be on videoing the rocket, we can pick you up at your hotel around 10:00 tonight.” I’m sure he could feel my gigantic smile on the other end as it pulled my heart back in place.

That night, away from the stifling city lights and a good distance out of Fairbanks city limits where real Alaska begins, we disembarked from the tour van finding ourselves under a beautiful clear, star-laden sky—at a hearty forty below (-40 degrees Fahrenheit). We stood like frozen sci-fi characters barely able to move, swaddled in layers of thick down jackets and snow pants covering sweatpants, sweaters, long johns and two pairs of wool socks. Heavy snow boots further anchored us in the deep snow, and thick down gloves covered our fingers still screaming, “Frost bite!” Only our eyes showed, making us look every bit like the tourists from Mississippi we were as we waited and watched looking heavenward for what seemed hours. Then after a brief sprinkling of color powdered the sky, it happened…

God spread his hands in one giant sweep and the sky transformed into three-dimensional green and yellow curtains that undulated across the heavens opening on to a stage more magical than anything Disney or any computer-animated movie studio could ever produce! Across the flickering array of starlight gone mad, Aurora, madam of the night, drew her celestial wand and expelled multicolored flashes of awe for her earthly audience of three. As she danced, her shimmering silk gown infused more hues and more movement until the whole sky rolled in and out like a tumultuous sea, a kaleidoscope of colors that hit heaven’s shore bouncing back and replaying over and over. Chartreuse smiling dinosaurs swirled and bounced over our heads like a herd of giant balloons breaking free in a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. Even the face of God appeared, testing us for comprehension of the Divine miracle of nature we were being allowed to witness. Tears cut icy trails down our cheeks as we hugged each other staring up at the incredulous supernatural display. Energy emitted from heaven warmed our bodies and recharged our souls giving each of us the ultimate sensation of being totally complete.

But the real disbelief came the next day when the photographer emailed his best group shot of us under the heavenly illumination. Something out-of-world swirled its paintbrush in the sky over us, a precursor to wonders and enlightenment that could only be heaven sent—just for me!

For months, I used the photograph as my Facebook profile picture, at book signings, presentations and every occasion to show how once again, “The WAY had found me!” Kay, a friend of mine, told me emphatically, “That don’t just happen!”

But on the night of July 1, 2015, this latest piece of evidence validating my tried and true Code for Living proved to be only partially true. Yes, the WAY had found me that night in Alaska, but did it stand only for SUE, or was it a foreshadowing of the girl I was to meet five months later? This girl would prove to be every bit as mesmerizing as the Aurora and far more enlightening. On that night in July, I showed her my profile picture under the Aurora. After scrutinizing it, she looked at me, smiled, and said, “Oh! S for SARA!”

 Through the Eyes of Angel Leigh is Sara’s book, and I am but an instrument set in her OPEN PATH to share in revealing to the world her narrative of coming to age and coming to grips with “being different.” It is Sara’s story of realizing how God meant for her to use her gift for the good of others, and it is a retelling of real life true stories of Sara’s encounters and the messages she has been chosen to deliver.

As you read Sara’s story, you are sure to ask yourself: Can messages really be sent from beyond earthly life? Can these messages be communicated through human vessels put on earth by God, rather than by the Devil as many believe, for the purpose of comforting loved ones left behind and overburdened with excessive grief? Can the gift be used to answer age-old questions still haunting family members generations later?

If after reading the last page of this book, you doubt the truth of these miracles, or if too many questions overpower your thought processes, just “Look to the heavens!”

Dr. Sue Clifton