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Book 2 In The Science Club Kids Series
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ISBN-10: 1-77115-163-3
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy/SF
eBook Length: 207 Pages
Published: March 2014

From inside the flap

Sixty-five million years ago, Pandora and the Phrenosans inadvertently broke the Multiverse, releasing billions of universes from an orderly, well-connected structure. Since then, these universes have been mostly cut off, progressing apart, not only from each other but also from the assistance of the Ancient Ones and the Timeless Ones, the two old civilizations charged with installing space-time technology to link universes together.

Now, something has changed. Not only have the gateways to the empires of the Ancient Ones and the Timeless Ones reopened, but somebody is perturbing the events that happened when Pandora and the Phrenosans shattered space-time. Four Phrenosan Higgs Devices, presumed lost forever, have returned, and the Ancient Ones and Timeless Ones are in a race to find Pandora’s Box, which holds open the link between the old Multiverse and the new Cloudverse of billions of scattered galaxies.

When Zurn, the higher-dimensional being who seems to have been around forever, learns of these developments, he springs into action, sending his emissaries, Zeus and Apollo, to dispatch the Science Club Kids to the Drahcirian space transport, Nomad, where they learn that they must turn off Pandora’s Box and conceal it. To help them in their quest, Zurn summons the beetle-like Harbingers of Dûm, the manufacturers of the space-warp modulators the kids used to travel to Azuna during their first adventure.

Things go chaotic when Prometheus and his dim-witted brother, Epimetheus, disable Nomad’s computer and attempt to attack the Harbinger home planet. Zurn splits his team into two groups that meet again at the Alpha and Omega, the warehouse at the beginning and the end of the universe. There, they battle Ancient Ones, Timeless Ones, and an indoor hurricane in a fight to reach the End of Time and save the Cloudverse.

Cloudverse (Excerpt)


In the beginning, there was the Multiverse, a nearly endless string of universes tethered by the higher-dimensional region of space-time known as the Superstrand. Each universe contained a single galaxy.

All was well and going according to plan.

A multitude of organisms sprang into existence. Organisms lower on the food chain were consumed, and higher organisms clever enough to not get consumed evolved to become sentient.

Life under the plan was good.

As sentience led naturally to curiosity and exploration, two species were selected to bridge the immense distances between the stars. Starting from opposite ends of the Multiverse, the Ancient Ones and the Timeless Ones became heralds of an era of unprecedented trade and industry that grew in breathless fashion until something unfortunate happened: they met.

The plan wrinkled.

Realizing they neither liked nor trusted each other, the Ancient Ones and Timeless Ones retreated into closed empires. Where once there had been open travel between the universes, now there were cleverly shielded gateways manned by genetically engineered warriors trained to keep out interlopers and fight for disputed territories.

The plan frayed.

Between two competing empires stretched an expanse of billions of universes where neither held the upper hand. It was here, in the territories free from any controlling hegemony, where the two super-races battled for control. It was here where progress stagnated.

The plan unraveled.

Then, the Phrenosans invented the Higgs Device. Using it, they crossed into the Milky Way universe and attempted to mine Higgs particles from prehistoric Earth at the same moment Pandora was imprisoning the nefarious Titans in a timeless region of space known as a null zone. The Multiverse cracked and crumbled.

The plan went back onto the drawing board.