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Midnight Revenge
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ISBN-10: 1-77115-140-4
Genre: Fantasy/SF/Dark Fantasy
eBook Length: 129 Pages
Published: November 2013

From inside the flap

Vara was born with supernatural powers, and because of this, she always felt cursed and alone. If that wasn’t enough, her parents were brutally killed in front of her when she was seven. After suppressing this memory for years, she realizes that her parents died because of her. The reader will see Vara uncover secrets, suffer betrayal, and discover the most dangerous thing to her mission of revenge – love.

Midnight Revenge (Excerpt)

Chapter 1

The dark was her best friend for years. She relied on it. Vara loved to see the sun sleep and watch the moon invade the sky. She needed to be able to cloak herself in the shadowy night. She depended on the cloudy sky, the misty rain, and the night to mask her presence from the world. She also depended on her dark flowing hair and her dark outerwear to conceal herself from those who found her attractive.

Her eyes were big, beautiful, and her pale skin helped her to blend. She was new to the State of Washington. Many nights her heels jammed into the concrete leaving traces behind. As she took slow seductive strides, her fingers were two inches divided from one another resting on her legs. Alluring as she was, and as gentle as she appeared, her looks were deceiving. She was very dangerous.

Vara liked to wander the cold night. Exhaling, she'd placed her hand in front of her mouth and watched the fog leave her lips and greet her hand. Some nights she'd slip into the dark like a woman slides into negligee. She was comfortable on the streets staring at unsuspecting, feeble people. Vara also took a liking to the rain and mist. She enjoyed the way the thick rain trampled on her hair and glided down her smooth slick face, seeping into her clothes causing them to cling to her perfectly slimmed body.

Many nights Vara sat alone on a park bench in Newman Creek. She found pleasure knowing that she was safe somewhere most people found dangerous after sun down. She loved everything about that park. She liked the old swings that dangled so close to the ground just over the rubber mulch. She enjoyed the worn and half-torn basketball net that hung around the rim. However, the black metal tarnished bench always remained her favorite spot. The weeds in between the concrete had begun to sprout underneath, and occasionally a few screws became loose. Once Vara took notice, she slammed her foot against the nail to secure the bench.

Vara got so comfortable at the park that she occasionally spent the night on that same bench, and when others attempted to invade her space, she smiled on the inside because she knew how to handle herself. The reactions from the others when she defended herself never got old. The expression on their wicked faces was priceless when they were left flat on their backs and she was left standing. It was a thrill that could consume her.

Midnight came and Vara escaped into her favorite bar. It was an old bar, but that is what made it special. It oddly enough had multiple break-ins. Vara liked what didn't quite fit, because that described her. Often times she would think, I'm never going to be right. I'm never going to be like everyone else. I'm always going to be Vara: the stranger. That name fit her well. She was a stranger to herself and others. It was difficult and upsetting that she had a gift that felt more like a curse.

The bar, on the other hand, was an outlet for her to go to when she needed to ease her anxieties. All of its flaws calmed her. The countertop of the bar was no sliding surface for drinks. Instead, a glass would stagger on top of the wooden bar, barely making its way to the intended recipient. The chairs were frail and customers complained about the splinters they got in unwanted places, but they all came crawling back. This place shared a lot of history in this town. It had survived the Great Depression, death, and many attempts of takeovers but through it all, the Washingtons were able to continue to keep their bar in the family.

Vara's entrance demanded attention. She sauntered in wearing a v-neck black shirt covered by her long leather jacket. She was also wearing leather leggings with thigh-high boots. When she walked in, people turned their heads. Still, there was always that one man who wanted to act as though he could resist her beauty, but ended up lowering his chin and sneaking a glance from the corner of his eyes. Vara took a seat on her customary bar stool, leaning forward with one elbow on the counter. The bartender, also the owner whose name was Kaman, placed a drink in her hand. She stared at the drink as if it were her opponent. She clutched the glass and it shattered in her hand.

"Damn it!" she shouted.

"Don't worry, there's another one coming your way," said Kaman.

In the meantime, a handsome man with short hair and great bone structure drowned in baggy pants and an oversized jacket, approached Vara. He took a seat on the stool next to her. The man gawked at Vara while he built up the courage to say something clever, but before he got the nerve she scowled at him. The guy was completely confused. He misunderstood how his actions provoked such an unattractive reaction from a stellar beauty. Vara could care less how the guy took her response. She had other things racing through her mind. Although Vara was beautiful, she struggled with realizing it.

Vara was a complex, powerful and deviant human being that possessed supernatural gifts. She had the strength to crush a brick with her bare hands. However, she was a very frail woman on the inside, unwilling to let anyone into her world. For years, Vara hid from herself to avoid the woman who stared back at her in the mirror.

Kaman never seemed to mind Vara's disposition because he grew quite fond of her. He didn't understand how a little woman could be so powerful; but having her around made him feel safe. Kaman looked at Vara as his personal bodyguard. When she was there, he didn't have to worry about the psychos that frequently visited the bar. Although Kaman and Vara never spoke many words to one another, the connection was there. He was someone she respected and she was like a daughter to him despite their obvious color differences. Kaman was a thin dark-skinned man. He'd lost all of his hair years ago, but his face hadn't gotten the memo. He had a full beard tapered with gray hair.

Kaman placed another shot in her hand. With an intense look in his eyes, he dared Vara while his left eyebrow rose of curiosity to have her try again. Vara closed her eyes, which allowed her long, curly eyelashes to grace the high part of her cheeks. Her thick lashes swept her face as she opened her eyes. She took a deep breath before she opened her fist and cropped her hand to perfectly fit the glass. This time, instead of using her full hand to grip the glass, she used her thumb and index finger. She pressed the glass upon her lower lip and permitted the alcohol to pour inside her mouth. The liquid stroked her tongue and quickly settled into her body.

"Nice," Kaman said with a smile; as he threw a short white towel over his shoulder.

While Vara continued at the bar, two men walked in. Both were dressed nicely in gray tailored suits and matching cufflinks. One man wore a hat. Both took the same long strides, and were in sync with each footstep, right then left. They were talking as they walked in, and this allowed Vara to overhear their names which were Caleb and his friend Derrick. They took a seat at a table a couple of feet from Vara. She peeked over her shoulder then rolled her eyes. She could tell they were ghastly men. She'd seen the signs too many times not to know the difference between a benevolent man and a malevolent coward.

Vara turned to Kaman and eyed him intensely. Kaman huffed loudly. He knew if Vara was displeased with their first impression, he ought to be too. Kaman sent his son Sameer, who would soon take over the bar to the table. Kaman figured it would be a good opportunity to see how Sameer would handle potential conflict. Sameer's black pen stroked the white pad as he took their order and then left. Caleb was noticeably older which set him apart from Derrick who looked to be in his early twenties. Caleb pointed to the jukebox and Derrick got up. He ambled down to the jukebox and played some jazz music. The music was soothing and Caleb began to shake his head and snap his fingers. He took a tour with his eyes around the room. He paid close attention to those who had smiles on their faces. He knew that would change soon. Caleb dug into his pocket and yanked out a box of cigarettes. Derrick reached over the table with his lighter and lit the cigarette.

"Yes," said Caleb. "This is good music for people to die to."

Derrick nodded his head. Then Sameer returned with their drinks.

"Um, sir, you can't smoke in here, but I apologize for the inconvenience," Sameer said kindly.

Derrick pushed out of his seat until Caleb raised his hand as a gesture for him to remain seated.

"Of course," said Caleb and then winked at Derrick.

Sameer nodded, and set the drinks on the table. Derrick rose up, ran behind Sameer, pulled out a knife and slit his neck. The blood gushed out of his neck and the life from his body released into the open air. His body dropped to the ground, landing with his arms and feet spread apart. The blood from his body spilled in between the floorboards.

The others in the bar screamed and hid underneath the tables. Their faces were darkened in terror. Their eyebrows crashed together and their eyes expanded while their lips were spread apart. A couple underneath the table hunched over, sitting on their knees, they clinched each other's hands as the man supported the woman's back with the other hand. He tried to calm her, but her fear was too great. Another man entered the bar as it happened. Frightened by what he witnessed, he took quick strides backwards leaving the bar hoping to remain unnoticed.

Kaman came from around the bar to approach Derrick. Vara reached for Kaman's arm, but he yanked it away. Kaman marched up to Derrick, who still held the bloody knife clinched in his palm. Derrick raised his hand backwards, attempting to gain momentum to thrust the knife into Kaman. Vara quickly got up from the stool, darted over to them, and took Derrick by the arm, banging his hand on the table repeatedly until the man dropped the knife. After the knife fell out of his hands, Vara noticed a tattoo of a red eye on Derrick's wrist and a barcode number.

Sometime ago Vara had gotten a tattoo on her wrist. It was an image of the same red eye. Beneath the eye read the barcode number 5281749. Vara thought she had out run that life by now. The person she was then was nothing like the person she wanted to become. Vara was not a stranger to death. She had killed before and that tattoo made her remember her past each and every day.

Before Vara moved to Dayton, Washington, she was involved with people highly positioned in the federal government known as Elite Academy. The Academy was designed to be a covert operation of a small but efficient faction that was responsible for slaughtering deplorable threats to our civilization social order and common wealth. It was composed of a group of men and women who set out to enforce the government's position and regulations. But Vara discovered something while working as a lower level assassin for the Academy. What she discovered made her no longer want to be a part of it, so she removed herself. She hoped to escape the life, but it seemed as if it wasn't ready to escape her.

Vara kneed Derrick and then tossed him onto the table. The table broke, as he crashed to the floor. Vara ran over to Caleb, but he spun around, and then kicked Vara in the chest pushing her back to the bar, leaving a dent. Vara popped back up and began to throw punches, but he blocked each one as quickly as she could throw them. Caleb returned the blows, which forced Vara back towards the bar. Without looking, Vara jumped on top of the bar and kicked Caleb across the face with her heel. Caleb's cheek split open and blood charged out of the open wound. Caleb was impressed. After he wiped the blood from his face, Caleb applauded her technique with a hand clap.

"You are phenomenal. Who would have known you were right underneath our nose the entire time? You are the One. How could you have remained hidden from us for so long?" As Caleb continued to clap, Vara noticed he had the same tattoo on his arm, of course, different bar code number. "You have something a few friends of mine and I want."