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Volume 3 Of Galactic Ecoleers, Inc.
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ISBN-10: 1-77115-085-8
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy/SF
eBook Length: 239 Pages
Published: April 2013

From inside the flap

Galactic Ecoleers, Inc., Volume 3, His-Terrary 72,000+ words, is set roughly two hundred years in the future. The story revolves around Karen, an Ecoleer team leader whose mission is to terra-form dead planets. Karen is young, beautiful, smart, and tough as well as being so rich that she lacks for nothing.

In the His-Terrary Mission, Karen finally discovers the one thing she is afraid of, though she rejects it. Throughout the story, Karen deals with sabotage and her feelings. Regardless, she is still determined to end the life of her sworn enemy as well as marry the man she loves and bear him children. Tirelessly, she works at overcoming the obstacles put in place by those fears. At the same time, she is part of the grandest terra-forming project ever attempted. His-Terrary, when completed, will be a planet-sized park with continents representing different epochs in Earthís wildlife history. One continent will be reserved for experimental creatures that never existed before as well as being a continuing education lab for future Ecoleers.

Near the conclusion of the story, Karen finishes her task on His-Terrary, triumphs over her sworn enemy, and marries the man she loves. She later becomes pregnant with his child. When everything seems to be perfect, her life and family are threatened by the sudden appearance of one of her husbandís old enemies who must be dealt with in a space battle.

With her life finally at peace and a second child on the way, sheís contacted by Galactic Ecoleers. Told of an urgent problem, she heads back for His-Terrary to observe the problem and make her report. An undiscovered act of sabotage has created T.Rexís that use tools. If they are truly sentient, the world may have to be shut down so they can develop in their own time and at their own pace. If not, they could be the cause of restarting the terra-forming process all over again.


Barry Mycroft, President of Galactic Ecoleers, Incorporated, looked at me as I entered his office without any of my usual escorts along. He began to disrobe.

"No, Barry, I came strictly for business this time. You can keep your clothes on," I replied. "So, tell me what you wanted to see me about."

He said, "Well, damn! Youíre always surprising me, Karen. I figured you wanted me when I didnít see any of your escorts with you. Anyway, youíre undeniably the best Team and Mission Leader I have now. However, Iím not going to beat around the bush. Iím not going to offer you the job of Mission Leader for the His-Terrary Mission. Thatís more of an administrative position for this particular mission."