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Shadow Man
The Lash Series: Book Two
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ISBN-10: 1-77115-067-X
Genre: Fantasy/SF/Dark Fantasy
eBook Length: 270 Pages
Published: February 2013

From inside the flap

A renegade vampire begins amassing a flock of true believers, threatening Americaís vampire hierarchy. Weresnake Lash partners with old enemy Danial and new allies Burl and Spiderboy to track down Eli and his followers and annihilate them. Betrayed and left for dead, Lash reemerges the victor, edging ever upward in the Assassinís Ranking, and catching the eye of the sultry nightclub singer Cassandra Nile. Drawn into drugs by Cassie, Lash begins to doubt himself, yearning to leave his life of violence, even as enemies close in from every side. When catastrophe strikes again, and Hill House is destroyed, Lash flees north to Devlin, again pledging service to a Vampire Ruler in return for both safety and revenge. Horrifically injured saving Devlinís life, Lash is granted a potion to tremendously slow his aging, along with an evil request. Healed yet disheartened, Lash returns to his old friend Jasmine, who urges him to take Devlinís offer.

Reviews and Awards

"There are some books that transcend genre. This series is one. Take away the supernatural elements and you still have the story of a manís struggle to overcome the circumstances of his life...Lash evolves into an Everyman, seeking the one thing all men want and only a few ever obtain...Itís a bittersweet journey."--review, New York Journal of Books,
Rating: 5.0 stars

Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

"Shadow Man" is the second volume in Tara Fox Hall's 'Lash Series'. Lash is a were-snake and an assassin, who serves his friend and employer, Abraham, who is the Vampire Lord in charge of New Orleans during the time of the Great Depression. When we first meet Lash, Abraham is discussing the influx of hungry, dispossessed vampires into the city and authorizes Lash to kill those who cause trouble. He also diplomatically asks Lash about his recent assaults on the city's prostitutes. As a were-snake, Lash has few women of his own kind to associate with. Abraham suggests that they seek brides from a service, and the two friends make plans to give that option a try. They are distracted from those plans at first by a rogue church that seems to be attracting new vampires. Lash is sent to investigate what appears to be a growing threat to the current vampire leadership.

Lash is a complex and intriguing character. Hall's choice of snake as her main character's were-animal is an interesting departure from the were-cats, wolves and rodents one usually encounters in paranormal literature. Lash is, moreover, a Cottonmouth, an unpredictable American viper and water snake, but among his lovers are both a coral and a garter snake. His instinctive responses to stress are sometimes coarse and brutal but, as the story progresses, one begins to see a burgeoning emotional maturity and a need for more than merely physical stimulation. There is also a lot of action in "Shadow Man" as the Vampire Lords act against the invading threat and continue to conspire against each other. This is an entertaining work that can be read before the first volume in the series.

Shadow Man (Excerpt)


History speaks of the months after the Crash of 1929 as desolate, and hopeless. Iím sure that was true for many. But I wasnít unhappy, even though my days seemed to have lost their color, and my nights blurred one into another until I sometimes lost track of the date. My problem was that now that things had calmed down, some of the horror of my life had caught up to me, hurting me in the one place I wasnít defensible: my dreams.

I had often dreamed of Giselle after her death, and of my other slain sisters. Those dreams had lessened in the years that had passed. Now they seemed to come back with a vengeance, and they brought friends.

I awoke screaming most nights, with one of Abrahamís guards pounding on my door, asking if I was okay. I was reluctant to go to an alchemist to ask for any help sleeping. I had to be ready in case of attack, either on my vampire boss, Abraham or on my sister Sam and her children, not to mention myself. I couldnít be off in dreamland with big-bosomed women and still be of any use.

Fortunately, I was able to function fine with only about four hours sleep, which was what I usually got when the nightmares were said and done. I learned to control my cries with help of a book Abraham got me, so I didnít have someone pounding on my door most nights. But I could do nothing about the dreams. It got so fucking bad that I would dread going to sleep and would find any excuse to put it off, until I was so tired my tail would have been dragging if I were in snake form.

There was something good about being awake in the early morning hours: Abraham and I were becoming friends. We had been together for almost ten years now. I was his first weresnake friend; he told me himself. I was probably the first weresnake heíd given the time of day to, though he never was rude enough to say something like that to me. It wasnít out of fear, but rather because he didnít want to hurt my feelings. He alone seemed to get how I felt, being snake in a world that hated snakes. It was hard not to like him just for that. Not to say he wasnít hard with me, or even terrible, when he felt he had to be. But he was almost a gentler version of my father, and I admired him greatly.

At night, weíd often share alcohol, blood, or a mixture of the two and have long talks. It might seem odd, that I liked that almost as a vampire did, but Iíd developed a taste for it by now, after spending so much time with Abraham, and was kind of a connoisseur of it, just as he was. I still preferred whiskey, sure, but he was my friend, and so I tried to be accommodating.

One night, after I had come in from a job, he asked me into his study. I could tell right away that he was serious about something. Once Iíd sat down and heíd poured some wine laced with blood for both of us, he got right to it.

"Iíve heard reports, Lash. There is a man who is not taking no for an answer sometimes from the women that work the streets in the Quarter."

I knew what he was saying so delicately. Heíd heard of Brianna. It was true sheíd been the first Iíd threatened into accepting, but not the last. I always paid them, though. Fuck them if they didnít want me. They were whores. If they got paid, what did it matter? I sipped my blood and didnít say anything.

"There have been deaths." Abrahamís voice was regretful and sad.

I said nothing, planning to just stay quiet and wait him out. But Abraham was a master at that, and he outlasted me easily. Finally after five minutes of utter silence, I spoke, my snake fangs forming in my upset.

"I pay them, every time. Double the going rate. I canít help that one of them killed herself. There was only the one who did that, Abraham."

Abraham looked at me, his eyes tinged red with obvious anger. He said nothing, and for some reason that made me feel guiltier than if heíd yelled at me.

"I never hurt any of them! I just took my pleasure, is all! Is that so wrong?"

"I want you to stop," Abraham said quietly. "If they say no, accept it."

"I like humans rarely," I hissed quietly. "The women are mostly fey, or other types of were."

"Iso is still here. She is snake, like you. What is the problem?"

"Sheís a bitch, and the nastiest slut to ever haunt a street corner. And sometimes I want a woman who isnít asking me to hurt her or be rough!"

Abraham poured us another drink, this one of straight alcohol. He sat back and sipped his scotch. I sipped mine, still feeling guilty, hating the feeling.

"Look," he said finally. "Would you consider taking a mate? I know by the way you talked a few months ago that you were considering the woman who lived here with you for a time."

He meant Gretchen. I was glad he didnít say her name. Iíd grown to hate her in the weeks that had followed her death, for the selfish actions sheíd taken and for the fact that sheíd made me the instrument of my own childrenís death.


"Call me Lash, Abraham," I reminded him. "I have to be called that. I want my sisters safe. I have nieces and nephews aplenty now."

"Sorry. Lash, I know your sisters are all on their second and third children. But you are still unmarried. Itís normal to want a mate. You are what, twenty-six? Twenty-seven?"

That sounded about right. I nodded. "You know there are no single women here of my kind, Abraham, not even with the influx of refugees from the North. There are only prostitutes, and even then, only Iso."

"You know that is not true," he said softly. "There is at least one young snake girl, close to twenty, who is not yet spoken for. She is very comely. I saw her with you at the theater a month ago, and also one other night having dinner at the Two Sisters."

Ruby. "I offered for her already," I said, embarrassed and ill at ease. "She refused."

"Do you want her?" he asked seriously.

"She refused," I said again in slow measured words. "She doesnít want me. With the other males of my kind around here, the competition is fierce. She has many suitors, and can afford to marry a much richer man than I."

"I can help. I can compel her father..."

"No! I was to be married before, back when I was only seventeen. My father did what you are offering to do, and it had a tragic ending. I donít want to go through that again, or make someone my mate who doesnít want to be."

"Then is there a woman you ever knew who I might send for, to join you here? I know that another woman came to you, after your lover died. She left a month or so ago. She is welcome to stay here. If she does not want to be dependent on you, to work, I can find something for her. We always need cooks here, the way my werefalcons like to eat."

"No," I said, trying not to sound bitter. "Her life is on a faraway beach. I already asked her. I offered her anything she wanted if sheíd stay." I looked down. "She still left."

"I apologize for causing you upset," Abraham said quietly. "I just want there to be some woman here that would make it easier for you, Lash. A live-in mistress for you would be convenient for us all."

No shit. Like I wanted to go out and be with hookers in alleyways. Christ.

"No," I said, thinking of Britney. "There is no one else I was ever close to, or that I cared for, or even that I would trust to live here."

Hell, even Char was dead. I remembered her, and all sheíd done for me and mine. That memory made me realize more and more how stupid Iíd been not to think more of her, as my father had. I probably should have taken her up on that offer the day sheíd said sheíd wanted a little...

"Then will you let me import a suitable woman for you?" Abraham said, breaking into my thoughts. "There are many weresnakes of your breed in the territory of Texas."

"A mail-order bride?" I asked with interest. "They still do that?"

"Of course!" he said, smiling so his mouth creased faintly. "They can provide any kind of woman. Many are looking for husbands, especially those with children. There are many whose husbands have died or gone to look for work and not come back."

Like Samís husband. No good bastard.

"Do you have a preference for hair, or eyes? Body type? Age?"

"Dark hair and eyes. Curvy, but not over two hundred pounds. Iím not too tall, so probably not too much taller than me."

Abraham nodded. "Let me look into it, and get you some pictures, and details. The process takes a while, Iím afraid, as it is all done through the mail. And there is one regrettable thing."


"Most of these girls are right off the farm, so to speak. They do not read, or write, or understand most concepts other that having enough food, and shelter." Abraham shrugged. "But if they knew more, itís true they most likely would not be on a mail-order-bride list."

"Look into only those who would be willing to learn," I said, throwing my caution to the wind. "Any woman who is really going to share my life must be able to read, and to write as well."

"There are older woman, too," Abraham said, as if he wasnít sure how I would take it. "Women who were widowed, as I said. Women with children, and also without them, who still want to have children."

"No children. I have my hands full with my sisterís children, now that Sam is staying here with me again. Iím looking for a mistress, not a mate. Iíll support and shelter a woman who lays me well enough to merit that, but Iím not going to marry her. That must be made clear. If some emotional tie develops in time, so be it. But I have had bad luck before. Iíll not put children in a position where they feel abandoned, if I decide their mother is not a good match for me. And Iím not going to sire any bastards."

Abraham nodded. "I feel the same. I would grow too attached to children myself."

Before I could venture a comment, he went on. "Are any other skills important to you? Cooking, baking, sewing, singing, weaving, embroidery..."

Hmm. Cooking skills would be an asset. My mother had been a very good cook, and it was true, Sam wouldnít be here forever to keep me in cornbread and fatback.

"-growing food, being able to drive a car? There are other skills, too..."

Abraham had too much information. "How is it you know so much about this?" I asked suspiciously. "Have you already been making inquiries for me?"

"It should be obvious," Abraham said sadly. "I have no woman. All my attempts to have a companion have failed, Lash. They die within a few months, no matter what I do or donít do, even if I try not to turn them." He sipped his drink. "I know youíve noticed this."

I had. "Why do they die?"

"Something in my blood," he said hopelessly. "I am not strong enough to create vampires, or at least that is what I surmise. But Jacob has said he will turn a woman for me, provided I find a suitable girl and she proves herself."

íProved herselfí how? I was probably better off not knowing. Fucking Jacob. "But if sheís like you, you canít feed from her, right?"

"Correct. But if sheís vampire, she wonít die," he said firmly. "I care less about blood, and more about having a woman I care for as a companion."

"Are you looking to have an Oathed One?" I asked, thinking of Danial and Brianna.

"I am," he said, sounding both scared and happy. "If I can find the right woman, one I can love as I loved my wife."

"What about blood?" I asked, now thinking of Bea and Victor. Iíd heard nothing from them, but I assumed she was happy with her sister and her vampire lover.

"I can always feed from other women, Lash. But I want a woman to lie next to at night that will be with me for more than a few months. I miss the sound of a womanís happy laughter in my chambers, or the caress of a soft hand teasing my attention away from my work. The sound of a womanís gentle voice reading to me, as my wife used to do, decades ago." He looked at me with hope on his face, and more than a little yearning. "I am needed by all the vampires in this city, Lash. I have a role to play for eternity. I want someone with whom I can be myself, who wants me and needs me, but just for me, for the man I am."

I was getting all stirred up just listening to him. What he described sounded so wonderful. It was what Iíd hoped for before, though my emotional defenses made me look for problems, wanting there to be some. If Abrahamís scheme to find us both women wasnít going to work, it was better not to let it get any farther than this.

"Can you trust Jacob?" I asked, giving Abraham a serious look. "What if sheís under his control somehow, after sheís turned? There has to be a reason he only keeps turned vampires around him as guards."

"I donít know," Abraham said slowly. "But itís true. I could petition other Rulers to do it. Dalcon has never refused to turn a human if a dominant vampire in his domain requests it. And other state Rulers can perform a turning, though those vampires are much more choosy about who they allow to join their ranks."

His voice turned a little anxious. "But you understand why I wouldnít want to have Dalcon do it. You know him now, Lash, like you might not have before. I know of Brianna, of what happened to her, how he took her from Danial and then discarded her." He gave me a pointed look. "Danial wanted your head after that debacle, Tryst."

"Itís Lash."

"He wanted your head, Trystan! And if Dalcon didnít dislike him for some reason and have that longstanding feud with him, he probably would have given it to him. Danial rules Denver, or so Iíve heard. But Dalcon will not let him ascend any higher, despite the fact that he is nearly as old as Dalcon himself."

No shit. Danial Racklan and Devlin Dalcon were brothers, and that feud had started back when they were mortal, most likely. But it occurred to me that Abraham didnít know that, for some reason. Maybe it was a secret? It didnít matter, and in any case, it was none of my business. I kept my mouth shut.

"My point is Dalcon would ask to bed any woman of mine when he turned her, as he does all women he turns. If I loved her, I wouldnít want her to have to do that. Jacob, on the other hand, has said he will not even kiss her."

I understood that. Who wanted another man getting some of your pussy, especially a rake like Devlin? Thank God, I was snake and not vampire.

"Check into it," I said, getting to my feet. "Let me know when you hear something. Iíve got work to do."