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Emily’s Shadow
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-810-9
Genre: Fantasy/SF/Suspense/Thriller
eBook Length: 179 Pages
Published: February 2011

From inside the flap

Emily, now that World War II is almost over, yearns for an end to bloodshed. She longs for family, but not one that includes her new stepmother. Carol, though, is preferable to Vivienne, the medieval sorceress who vanquished Merlin. Emily can’t believe the ugly visions in her head, can’t believe a witch from a past century still exists and wants something from her, something far from peaceful…

Emily’s Shadow (Excerpt)


Vivienne’s voice whined like the angry buzzing of a trapped wasp. I want out of here. Let me out! Out, out out! She often talked to herself. No one heard her, and if they did, they never came. Not for centuries. Not when the dwelling above her head had been little more than a mud hut, and not when it had been torn down and replaced over and over again. She’d lost count of how many buildings had risen above the crawlspace where her legs were buried up to her knees in the damp nasty clay. No matter how hard she clawed at the dark goop to free herself, it simply filled itself back in. She knew who had done this to her. The wizard.

She stroked her breasts, still plump and firm, beautiful, even though her gown was in tatters. It was a wonder she was covered at all after all this time in this moldy cellar. Her face must still be pretty, and that gave her some satisfaction, and hope. Perhaps someone would hear her and come to dig her free. Surely it must be possible. But who would help her? She could hear people in the house above her head.

With a little effort she began to visualize them, a gift of having one foot half inside eternity and one foot half in the here and now.

There was a man, but he didn’t appeal to her. His wife, though quite old, probably at least thirty, was fine-looking in a willowy way with clear skin, and shapely legs. The other female was interesting too. A good age. Ready. She had an ugly mark near her mouth. What man would want her? Except for her eyes. Slate blue. Deep. Not as pretty as mine, Vivienne croaked-her voice hoarse. And the two boys she could see were too young for much of anything. What good, she muttered. How can these peasants do any better than I at removing this revolting mud! She slapped the ground hard several times. It hurt her hands, but she didn’t care. Self-inflicted pain made her feel alive.

Oh how she longed to dance again like she had that last day she’d been free, wearing her soft dress that showed the tops of her breasts, the one Mark had complemented her on, unable to take his eyes off her. He’d wanted her, she knew he had. Traitor! She’d dance again one of these days and she’d become Lady Vivienne, bride of Mark Pelleas, whether he liked it or not. She’d yearned for his kiss, longed for his hand to hold hers, but no. NO! As if his big knuckles were worthy of her long pretty fingers. As if his thick hard physique was entitled to her lithe shining self. Her body might never die, but what good was it stuck here, covered not in the plush gowns she’d gotten used to wearing, but greasy with dirt? It stank down here too.

She struggled to release herself, but though she could wiggle her toes, it didn’t help. She was almost sorry she’d tricked the wizard into making her immortal, but she’d find a way out of this, and then, watch out! There had to be a way. Had to be. She shrieked at the rafters above her head and got a mouthful of dirt that made her sputter. Then something bit her above her knee. And on her thigh. And on her arms.

Ants! They’d invaded the cellar. She slapped them, one after another and another, shrieking at each sharp nip. The bites got worse and she began to bawl, Blah, blah! Get below, you say, Wizard. Blah! Stay in the blackness you say. How could you do this to me? Then something occurred to her. I am clever, you know, she said and got so quiet and still that the ants stopped attacking her. It was perfect! Of course! She suddenly understood the crack in the Wizard’s spell. She clapped her hands and began to hum a spell to free herself.