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ISBN-10: 1-55404-707-2
Genre: Romance/Fantasy/SF
eBook Length: 178 Pages
Published: March 2014

From inside the flap

Exposure tells the story of Dante Addison, a shy academic, and Giulia, a bold, sexy artist and model. Dante falls in love with Giulia when he is a graduate student, after she asks him to pose as the nude model for her photography class. She breaks his heart, and his unrequited love for her changes his life forever. Twenty years later, Dante, now an English Professor at the same college, sees a woman at an art gallery who reminds him of Giulia, but he doesn't realize that it is actually his lost love. She agrees to meet him later. He recounts his experience involving sexual exposure from twenty years earlier. By the end of a two-night-long bout of storytelling, Giulia reveals to Dante her identity, but only after he pursues her on foot through the historic district of the city. Exposure explores a multitude of emotions, ranging from betrayal and heartache to redemption, passion and desire. The author uses the theme of physical and sexual exposure, in all of its various forms, as a vehicle to explore the fascinating psyches of the protagonists.

Exposure (Excerpt)


The building stood alone, at the edge of the college green. A neglected side door was in sore need of repair, but still allowed egress from the left side of the structure onto a narrow cobblestone alleyway. The hinges were rusty arthritic joints, and they spoke with squeaking complaint as a student pushed the door open.

He was in his early twenties. His dark brown hair was in slight disarray, as if he had dressed quickly, with rushed preoccupation. He was tall and slim, with broad shoulders but a non-muscular build. His pensive hazel eyes seemed to reflect some great disappointment, and his shoulders were burdened with regret.

He paused momentarily on the small landing, from which three weathered and uneven stone steps flowed like smooth waves of water from the aging door. The exit was a leaky and defective valve for the reservoir of activity that normally emanated from the building's interior. Given the late hour, he would be the final trickle from the building's human cistern tonight.

He stepped quickly down the steps into the quaint lane that ran like a stream parallel to the harsh jutting cliff of the building's left side. The alley connected the creek of the quadrangle's perimeter walkway in the front to the wider college walkway in the back, whose mighty river flowed forcefully passed the building on the opposite side.

It was a stark night in late autumn. He pushed his hands into the pockets of his jacket, as the fingers of the invisible chilly breeze combed through his hair with a counterproductive result. Shivering, he turned left towards the quadrangle and walked through a dusty cloud of brittle leaves that swirled around his feet with a hushed whisper of mocking insolence.

Having reached the perimeter lane, he scanned the deserted lane and the shadow-filled green. He looked first to the left and then to the right. His futile visual search of the quadrangle found that it was populated only by the ghostly silhouettes of ancient trees, whose portraits were drawn with dark black ink on a canvas illuminated by dim lamplight.

The quadrangle was deserted. The gentle breeze stirred the leaves that were precariously attached to their branches like fingers playing a harp, and the melody was unsettling. His hopes were swallowed by the darkening night, which closed around him with jaws of despair.

He was a solitary figure, standing alone on the quadrangle lane. The towering silhouette of the building stood behind him--a fortress that had just hosted the destruction of his romantic dreams. The structure that had seemed to embody his hope and passion a few hours earlier was now a menacing symbol of his profound and heartbreaking disappointment. Although he prayed that he was wrong, he knew that he would never see her again.

Turning right, he began his walk home, with a heavy heart and a soul that felt betrayed. It was 1984, and what had just happened in the building, which grew smaller behind him with each heavy step, would literally change his life forever.