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Rendering Nirayel - Demons Dreaming
Book Four
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-473-1
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy/SF
eBook Length: 151 Pages
Published: July 2007

Total Readers: 1

From inside the flap

Now forced to cooperate in the retrieval of a government agent who was lost when sent into the program, Sarah Hoffman finds herself returning to Nirayel in much the same fashion as she did in her first experience. Other than increased general duress, the differences include the location of entry, the lab, and several rather unpleasant agents who will stand watch over her body while she’s away.

Following a failed attempt to reacquire the Selina template, now occupied by Sarah’s duplicate, Kwibee reroutes her signal to the closest available computer-generated character. Once again, Sarah enters the world of Nirayel, but finds herself within the body and mind of Jesterwolf’s sister Ezlea. Though relieved to have emerged in such close proximity to both her spouse and sibling, she cannot help but be at odds with Ezlea’s overly promiscuous personality.

Having escaped their mundane lives in Brinehaven, and having resolved their differences with regard to Selina, Marcus and Borin once again become determined to follow the paths of Warrior and Paladin. Despite the unlikelihood of their being successful, Borin grows lighthearted. In all the long years since the fall of Arbitos, he is finally able to smile in the face of adversity, for at long last, he is doing what every Warrior should: embarking on a quest so as to right a wrong.

To an extent, Jesse has come to terms with the inescapable delusion that the world of Nirayel represents. He even manages to maintain a minor semblance of clinical curiosity. What he is not prepared to handle are the relentlessly unyielding advances of the most frustrating teen-aged female Wood-Elf rapist that it has ever been his guilt-ridden pleasure to meet. Of course, there’s also the jolting discovery that there are now two versions of Sarah. He also must deal with the mysterious inclusion of a rather benign Demon who possesses animals as it offers cryptic advice and tells jokes with no apparent punch line.

Finally reunited in the forth and final book of the Rendering Nirayel series, Sarah One, Sarah Two, Jesse and Borin are guided by Surripere, a Demon who disavowed his evil creator, as they journey through uncharted lands in a final glorious quest: to reclaim Arbitos against all odds, and to free the lost souls of Earth.

Rendering Nirayel - Demons Dreaming (Excerpt)

"You’re stalling!" shouted the brown suit. This was the one Sarah had come to think of as the bad guy brown suit. Actually, she knew full and well they were both bad. This one just seemed to have more natural ability.

She couldn’t see them, of course. She was in the same dark place as when this whole mess started. If she could have seen, she would have noticed the other brown suit sitting on the control panel next to her, currently studying the Doctor with an expression not unlike that of his associate. Occasionally, when he was certain that neither the Doctor nor his associate were watching, he would chance to glance appreciatively down the front of Sarah’s blouse.

"It isn’t that simple!" Doctor Kwibee shouted back.

Prior to making this rebuttal, the Doctor had complied without resistance. Sarah simply figured everyone must have a breaking point. In fact, she wasn’t that far from her own. When she heard the Doctor match the Suit’s tone, she wanted to stand up and cheer, and would have, if only she had legs. She knew they were still there, somewhere. She just couldn’t feel them, or any thing else for that matter.

"Looked pretty simple from the make-shift job you did at the Hoffman residence."

"That was before you people tripped every alarm the program has to trip!" Orval shot back. Actually, he had a sneaking suspicion that IBOT’s security might have become alerted when he advanced the gain on Mrs. Hoffman’s filter. He had known at the time it posed a risk. Of course, there was no way to be certain, but the maneuver had been just prior to their connection loss. Nevertheless, there was no reason this goon had to know about it.

[Can we just do this already?]

"Take a look for yourself. No, not that. This," Kwibee said, pointing at the monitor, thus drawing the Suit’s attention away from the lag flow meter.

"What?" inquired the Suit, being incapable of distinguishing those squiggles from the others.

"This is the original configuration," Kwibee continued, pointing to an area highlighted in green. "And this is what appears to be a new partition," he concluded, pointing at the yet growing area in blue.

"All right, I’ll bite. What’s that supposed to mean?"

"It means IBOT has setup a new security parameter, and then quarantined it to elude your…I mean, our influence," the Doctor explained, careful to include himself as a part of their association.

[Hello? It’s me again. You remember me, don’t you? The guinea pig. Yeah, just thought I’d pass on a helpful tip. IT’S DARK IN HERE!]

"Then set her down in the blue stuff."

"We don’t know anything about it. There’s no way of knowing how the system will react to the filter in a partition we know was probably designed as a counter-measure to that filter. There are tests that must be…"

"Do it!"

Aside from a small bout of nausea at having just found herself on the same side of the argument as one of the Suit twins, Sarah was glad to be returning. The sooner she got back, the sooner this mess would be over with.

"All right!" Doctor Kwibee shouted with enough shift in tone to suggest he was being offered some not so subtle incentive.

"All you have to do is find two missing people," said the bad Suit. "Colonel Hereford, and Agent Dolen."

"And remember, Kwibee," added the Good Suit. "We’re watching you," he intoned gravely while chancing another glance.