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Rendering Nirayel - Thief’s Prophecy
Book Three
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-472-3
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy/SF
eBook Length: 141 Pages
Published: July 2007

Total Readers: 1

From inside the flap

With her link to Nirayel severed, Sarah returns to reality just as government agents close in on her home. Meanwhile, in crossed-correlation with the Doctor’s untimely connection drop, the paradox previously formed by a genetic similarity to her brother, Jesse, now forces a duplication of Sarah’s identity to become overlaid upon that of the previously occupied Selina template, some seventeen years after the invasion of Arbitos. The result is a pseudo-Sarah waking to a world where Dark-elves dominate civilization. This includes the city of New Malice, once known as Arbitos, while her new home, Brinehaven, has become the last Human-occupied city to evade the Empire’s grasp.

Before the horrendous accident occurred that not only sent Jesse Berrach to the hospital, but also marked the end of his career and his marriage, he was a dedicated paramedic. During his lengthy recovery, his sister and brother in-law send him a package containing an online game, Wayward Fates. Beneath the title, the slogan reads, Welcome to a world where Destiny is what you take of it, unless Destiny takes you first. Believing that he has finally found something capable of alleviating his chronic boredom, Jesse enters the game at the very moment that IBOT absorbs it. His eyes quickly become fixed and dilated. Small lines of drool form at both corners of his mouth.

Many refugees of the Empire’s rise have endeavored to forget their previous lives. These include Borin, who is now Selina’s lover, and Marcus, who for reasons beyond Sarah’s comprehension, is now Selina’s husband. Even as Selina’s long-endured melancholy fades, Sarah is drawn away from Brinehaven by the ethereal beckoning of a distant wolf, and toward her own destiny.

Jesse awakes to a world far removed from that of his hospital room. Initially, this is no more than the wheat field in which he finds himself. However, as he exits the field of tall purple grain, he is confronted with more severe conflicts in terms of reality, and begins to doubt his sanity, when he encounters a variety of strange and nightmarish creatures, such as giant rabbits, overly friendly wolves, and a screeching thirty-foot crow-chicken from hell.

While the very boundaries of reality become distorted, the web of star-crossed lives and crisscrossed intrigue continues to expand as Book Three of the Rendering Nirayel series leads the reader into the final events of the four-part novel.

Rendering Nirayel - Thief’s Prophecy (Excerpt)

Saint Francis Hospital-08/01/10-3:46 AM-1104 South Chestnut-Houston, Texas

When he entered the game, his eyes became fixed and dilated. That condition was followed shortly by thin lines of drool at both corners of his mouth.


As a Paramedic, Jesse Berrach had led a fast-paced life. It was a demanding profession, fraught with long hours of work and little reward, unless what one values is the preservation of life itself.

Even so, most find themselves left with precious little time for such luxuries as a family, which, incidentally, had been the primary grounds for his divorce, an action of legal proceeding that suddenly seemed to accelerate in direct correspondence with his current dilemma. As such, he not only found himself unable to attend, but was quite literally without means to acquire legal counsel due to mounting financial difficulties relating back to said same dilemma.

To Jesse, this reality had become all too evident when he received his one and only hospital visit by the soon to be "ex," Mrs. Berrach, just as he was waking from a sedative given to him the previous night. As he opened his bleary, uncomprehending eyes, there she was, standing next to his bed, gently patting his hand. Observing him wake, she leaned in close, proceeded to remind him of an upcoming court date, and then politely excused herself, as she was expected at a dinner engagement with her attorney, Biff.

Just after their initial separation, and almost six months prior to her warm imparting of the news in I.C.U., he had begun to spend a great deal more time on the job. He liked his work. Specifically, he liked helping people. One simply has to be careful about getting too close to the victims. There is always the one in a thousand chance of screwing up because you weren’t paying proper attention. It isn’t always easy to maintain a professional distance, but the alternative is grim. People really don’t appreciate how many close calls there really are, and what they should remain mindful of is that if bad things never happened, there would be no ten o’clock news.

Jesse had failed to maintain that distance one night while attempting to reach the sole surviving victim of a gas line explosion in the State Tag Agency building. The woman had been pinned beneath a section of rubble, quite near to where the explosion had taken place. The only reason she had survived the initial blast itself was due to her position within the agency’s walk-in and fireproof safe. She had indeed suffered no burns whatsoever. Unfortunately, the safe wasn’t quite explosion-proof.

Due to the extensive damage caused by the explosion, and the building’s pre-existing state of dilapidation, the remaining structural integrity remained in question. Until the area could be secured, no one could move in.

So, there she lay, pinned beneath rubble, screaming and screaming and screaming and… Well, one can only listen to so much agony before completely losing one’s mind.

At some point, Jesse, as well as several other paramedics and firefighters, finally broke the line. The decision to do so had been both unanimous and simultaneous, as if the particular aspect of human decency that had driven them all to the same breaking point had been singular in its timing. At the time, he had actually felt a great relief. It was good to find that the world had not become so professional that a person could literally lie screaming until she finally expired, while the so-called professionals just stood back and watched, or listened as the case may be.

They had made their way about two thirds in when the woman’s screams suddenly waned, and then ceased. They all momentarily halted as the implication prompted questioning glances leveled at each other.

"Look," said one of the firefighters. "If she’s dead, there’s no reason to risk our necks…"

"We don’t know if she’s dead," returned a paramedic. "She could have just slipped into shock."

"I dunno. I gotta bad feelin ’bout this. Besides, if she’s passed out or somethin, then she’s outa pain, right? Let’s go back and wait for the chopper."

"Hey, Berrach! Not that way! There might be another…"

Another explosion suddenly ripped through the floor beneath them, and as the entire substructure gave way, the small group of wayward heroes was quickly swallowed by surrounding debris in what would later be described by witnesses as a scene likened to the fury of all hell breaking loose.

Jesse would remember nothing past the initial percussion of the blast itself.