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ISBN-10: 1-55404-443-X
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy/SF
eBook Length: 263 Pages
Published: April 2007

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An exciting tale filled with action, adventure, romance, sex, violence, revenge, and survivalism. It tells the story of events occurring in ways never possible anywhere else. There’s endless magic, spirituality, sorcery, and fantasy throughout. And all taking place on the fair island of Aer-Inn, on a planet many thousands of light years away, and in another time of many eras.

The beautiful young Princess Kata-Rina must combine forces with her bravest warrior, Bri-Yan. Together they must lead their people away from the destructive forces of the evil conquerors from another land. They take the survivors on a long journey, up a mighty river, to a distant and unknown region of mountains and awe.

The Princess must also rescue her son, an infant prince, while improving and empowering herself as both a ruler and a woman. Her love for the young handsome warrior grows, as together they encounter many hardships and dangers. Births, deaths, and the cycles of life occur everlastingly. Great battles can be won or lost, depending upon their wits and skills.

This saga of suspense and surprises is chronicled and narrated by an ever loyal scribe. He narrates their tale as a personal witness to all that took place. There are many difficulties fully told, as they travel onward. And they well realize their duty to remain always true to their solemn oath, to one day return to recapture their realm.

FAIR AER-INN (Excerpt)


Galactic Year: 3006

It would seem that as the Terrans finally ventured from Planet Earth out into other solar systems beyond their own Region 806, they came into contact with the RAWR star system containing the planet now called Er-Da. In ages past, their neighboring planet with three moons suffered long periods of intercontinental warfare, plague, famine, depopulation, and even some natural disasters. A few of the survivors were found and taken to nearby Er-Da by some of the first Terran space ships that reached the solar system. The Terrans then joined with those from other star systems in colonizing and repopulating the abandoned planet.

We have compiled here a number of prose accounts of life there during the first of the more refined stages of development. It is remarkable just how similar their existence could be to life on Earth, and just as remarkable as to how in so many ways it could be different. Many of the original records are lost, but many have somehow managed to survive to be stored in the Er-Dan repositories for such links with the past. It should be noted that many of the inhabitants of this planet still trace their ancestries to the nearby three mooned one. It is perhaps for this reason especially that these accounts must continue to be preserved.

In as much as possible, all documents have been translated directly from their original languages without editing. Names became changed from the original Earth forms to more modern Er-Dan styles, but this was done by the newer inhabitants themselves. And, after much conflict resolution with the Galactic Censorship Board, almost all of the original narrations have been permitted to be left intact. In the time yet to happen, as more of the original texts are located, perhaps more of these stories can be forthcoming. There are currently no serious reasons why this should not be so, and thus, in the meanwhile, these can certainly be enjoyed by all. The Imperium notwithstanding!

We would like to thank the preservers of the Galactic Library for their patience with our team of scholars interrupting their normal routines. We also owe enormous debts of gratitude for the many generous grants provided to our academic department by the archival research offices of the various space exploration and discovery agencies, throughout the Galaxy. This would not have been possible without all of you.


From the ancient Er-Dan chronicles (Codex 1335), as narrated afterwards by Ed-Mon:

We were, at one time, the proud inhabitants of our land called Aer-Inn. We enjoyed our homes and families, and we worshiped our deities faithfully and well. But then there came a time when the seeresses began to reluctantly announce the coming of horrible events upon us all.

The priestesses of the temples tried to assuage our fears with invocations to the gods and goddesses of peace and prosperity. And the inexhaustible sorceresses even cast their most powerful spells to ward off all evils. But these were unfortunately of no avail. It was thus our fate to endure The Time of the Terrible Troubles, and endure them we most certainly would.