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Center Moon - The Darkest War
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-406-5
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy/SF
eBook Length: 130 Pages
Published: November 2006

From inside the flap

New Strom is growing into a successful settlement where Sapiens, Crows and half-breeds exemplify a model community. Only one element remains in order to solidify New Stroms existence, an ultimate weapon powerful enough to deter its enemies in the Parliamentary Council.

Jonas Troupe, lorde of the Alliance, will do whatever is necessary to protect New Strom and his late grandfatherís vision. His mission is to return to the Sapien controlled moon of Jenco and steal its super weapon of mass destruction. Even if it means taking the life of his cousin Carlen, moon lorde of Jenco.

This will be the final struggle between the Parliamentary Council and the Alliance for the total domination of Earth. This will be the darkest of Earthís wars past or future.

Center Moon - The Darkest War (Excerpt)

Chapter One

Tata, the young half-breed looked through the sight of his air gun. His hands trembled as he held the heavy weapon.

"Now, Tata. Now!" Jonas quickly lifted open the side of a stegolizard cage. A scaly reptile the size of a foot bolted hurrying across the tall grass. The animalís armored plates sprouted along the top of its body.

Tata attempted to follow the stegolizard through his weapons sights as it zigzagged in all directions looking for an escape.

"Come on, Tata." Jonas ordered. He had been working with the boy for over two rotations in hopes he could train him to become a formidable opponent in the game of Puk.

Jonas used to challenge his older cousin, Carlen, in Puk. Carlen never had the coordination Jonas did, so the matches ended with Jonas as the victor. Jonas practiced many hours in hopes of beating his father, Captain Troupe. Unfortunately Jonas lost both his parents during an attack on their home by Parliamentary probes.

The boy squeezed the air gun trigger while the stegolizard momentarily stilled its normally rolling sphere shaped eyes. The ink pellet zipped across the grass splattering against one of the armored plates, dying the animal light blue.

"Nice!" The young lorde clapped, proud of Tataís shooting.

The half-breed let the air gun drop to his side as a smile swallowed his entire face. The boy had a glow about him. "One day. Better than Jonas." Tata pointed at his mentor and big brother figure.

"Donít get carried away, my friend. You have quite a ways to go." As proud as Jonas was of Tata, he would not allow the slightest dent in his ego. Not when it came to the game of Puk.

"Two lizards in cage. Take turns in three shots." Tata rested the butt of the air gun on his dracosaur skin boots.

"Are you actually challenging me to a match?" Jonas could not believe what he was hearing. Tata got up the nerve to take on the Lorde.

"No challenge. I just win easy." The half-breed chuckled, which reminded Jonas of his friend Leo who perished in an attack on the Strom caravan. Tata did lots of things that constantly kept Leo in the fore front of Jonasís mind. A number of half-breeds had two things in common except varied physical appearances. First, they always laughed at their own words. Second, their speech was never clear.

"Youíre on." Jonas walked over and gently pushed Tata out of the way as he swiped the air gun. "Get the cage."

Tata ran over to the two stegolizards and slid a partition board between them. "Ready to open cage."

"My we canít wait." Jonas lifted his weapon and scanned the open field before him. "Ready."

"Now, Jonas!" The boy yelled as he lifted the side of the cage. The lizard slithered out so quickly that the young lorde did not even see the animal until it hopped above the blades in the distant grass.

Jonas squeezed the trigger with hopes of a sure victory. The ink pellet exploded across the blades of grass as the animal bolted to safety. "Darn it!" He was not pleased with himself. How could he have missed such an easy shot?

"My turn, big loser." Tata danced over to Jonas and flailed his arms mockingly. He swiped the air gun the same way Jonas had taken it from him.

"Loser?" Jonas swatted his little friend on the back of the head. "Weíll see big shot."

Tata held the air gun with wobbly arms as he inspected the grass before him.

"I ready."

"You canít even keep the gun up. How can you be ready?" Jonas laughed as he gripped the side of the cage.

"Letís go." The gun slid out of Tataís hands but he quickly saved it from completely leaving his possession.

"Now, Tata. Now!" Jonas lifted the side of the cage actually hoping that his small friend would hit his mark.

The stegolizard squirmed back and forth, but would not leave the area like the others. Jonas let the cage door slam down, causing a clashing sound. The animal twitched its ball shaped eyes and took off into the tall grass. Tata followed it with complete focus.

The half-breed squeezed the trigger. The pellet zipped through the high grass nailing the lizard on the back. He looked up and waved his gun in the air victoriously.

"Tata win, Tata win! Jonas, big loser." He returned to his mocking dance.

Jonas smiled proudly. He walked up to his friend placing his hand on the half-breedís shoulder. "Nice job. Letís start the day by getting some food."