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Freedom and Fame
The Dark Staff Series - Book 6
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-319-0
Genre: Fantasy/SF/Science Fiction
eBook Length: 313 Pages
Published: January 2006

Total Readers: 1

From inside the flap

Some friendships are dangerous....

When Crystal and Etric find themselves in an unusual amount of trouble they should have realized that two people they never expected to see again had returned to their reality. Abby and Tristan are back... and so is Tabor, who has problems all his own.

The crews of Freedom and Fame team up to save the emperor, protect the last remaining heir, and face the gods and demons as they again work to help Abby and Tristan in the latest battle of their long war.

Freedom and Fame (Excerpt)


Abby and Tristan left the gray world behind, gladly turning their backs on everything they had found in this place. Liora had changed their lives, and Abby felt trepidation in that moment when they moved away, not just because they were heading for hell at last. They had grown apart --

I?m here, Abby. I?ve always been here.

Abby should have felt relief. Instead, he felt anxiety. He wanted to forget Liora. He wanted her out of his mind, out of his life and out of his thoughts --

"Let her go." Tristan said it aloud this time, rather than just as words in his mind.

It was a strange whisper of sound in a place without time or distance, but through which they traveled in a line of wavering light. He looked back, not sure what he would see -- Liora? Gix? Tabor?


"I want to get away from this place. I?ll even gladly go to hell to get away from it."

But he meant more a place in his mind than the world that had already faded behind them.

"Look ahead," Tristan said. "Don?t look back. There have been many we?ve left behind -- don?t let her be the one to bury the thoughts of other friends we?ll never see again."

And they thought of others in that moment -- Dacey, Brendan, Petra -- dozens of people in so many places that he could not clearly remember them all.

And that gave him hope that he would forget her as well. He would let the grayness of Eliora’s world melt into his memory, and be buried beneath the others. It would just take time.

And besides... look ahead. They still had work to do, the battle nearly finished. He couldn?t clearly see where the path led this time, but they moved forward toward the piece of the Kiya that drew them on.

"It twists, Abby," Tristan said. He even stopped, which he had never done before. It made Abby nervous, standing here in this not-real place with magic and light moving around them. "It’s as though -- the piece doesn?t lead us straight to hell. As though the piece we follow has moved."

"A trap," Abby said.

"Oh, beyond a doubt. And perhaps something more. Perhaps Gix doesn?t want you in his hell. That might be something to know. But we go somewhere else, Abby. I feel the piece of the Kiya turning aside."

To a new world, a different battle. To new people.

And could he trust them?

Even Tristan didn?t answer.