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Meghan And The Mustang
Volume 11
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-267-4
Genre: Young Adult/Mystery
eBook Length: 105 Pages
Published: June 2005

From inside the flap

Meghan once thought going to the Griffen Riding Academy would be a highlight of her life, but when she failed to make the cut she was devastated. The arrival of a letter with the logo of the Spruce Meadow Young Adult Riding School on it with its invitation for Meghan to attend in the last week of August and the first week of September, in the foothills of Alberta, was unexpected and better than winning a million dollars in a lottery. To be invited to this prestigious equestrian school was recognition that she was considered one of the better riders in the country. How her name came to their attention was a mystery? But mysteries were always part of Meghan’s life and those of her brothers and sister. Not only is she forced to achieve skills she never knew she had, but also she discovers that there is a mysterious visitor who comes to the camp uninvited. Those visits might threaten both her new friends and the prized horses in the stables where Canada’s best riders are trained. Will she determine what is actually happening? Does the camp hold a secret?

Meghan And The Mustang (Excerpt)

Meghan And The Mustang

Clara Bows stepped out of the vehicle and gently eased her leg into position. She hated needing a driver to take her everywhere. It only confirmed that she was an invalid. She looked around; she knew every board and fence rail of this place. It seemed hard to believe it had been six months since she visited the riding school.

This was the place where all her hopes and dreams were born. How many years had it been since her father handed over their homestead to the Spruce Meadow Equestrian Association? It must have been six or seven. She knew she was having a hard time; thinking was difficult when every moment she was painfully aware that her accident was still taking its toll.

A young girl of about 14 or 15 years of age came out of the stable. She hesitated, and then walked over to the visitor.

"Hello, can I help you?"

Clara knew that the girl had seen the steel brace on her right leg because her face clouded for a moment.

"You?re new here. I just arrived myself. I?m Sally Fields."

Clara smiled as best she could. "Yes I know; you were wonderful in the Australian junior trials. Placing second, considering the competition you were up against, was marvellous."

The girl’s face turned brighter. "You were there? Do I know you?"

Clara put out her hand after steadying herself on her crutch. "I?m Clara Bows, the chief riding instructor. No, but I know you and all about your dual citizenship. I?m glad you accepted the invitation to come to Spruce Meadow Riding School."

The girl didn?t know what to say. She had heard about Clara Bows. Her name was well known in the equestrian jumping fraternity.

The driver coughed to get his charge’s attention. "Ms. Bows, you know what the doctor said about doing too much your first time out."

The steely look on Clara’s face showed how much she resented his intrusion.

"Yes, Mr. Brooks, my guardian and principal tormenter. I know what the doctor has said. I just got here. I wanted to see my horse. Can?t you give me some slack?"

Sally wasn?t sure if she should interfere, but offered to help. "I can fetch your horse if you want. It would be no trouble."

The pinched face smiled. "That would be perfect, and a good compromise to my father’s orders. I don?t think I could have managed getting to the stable just yet.

Do you know my horse Grammy?"