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Fallen Angels
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-216-X
Genre: Science Fiction/Suspense/Thriller
eBook Length: 261 Pages
Published: January 2005

From inside the flap

Jake Silver is an ex-FBI agent who just wants to settle into the quiet life of being a private investigator in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Christina Anderson, the daughter of Jakeís newest clients, Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Anderson, is an average high school student who appears to have been abducted and raped. Wanting to cut through the red tape of an official investigation, the Andersons have come to Jake to find out who did this to their daughter.

Reluctantly accepting the case, Jake unwittingly heads off on the biggest adventure of his life. Little does he know that he will be pulled into an intricate web of conspiracies and lies surrounding the Andersons that will lead him into a headlong confrontation with Area 51 and the dark secrets contained there.

"Fallen Angels" is a fast paced thriller that delves deeply into the UFO and Area 51 Mythologies.

Interesting Facts

  • The original manuscript for Fallen Angels was started while Terence was still a freshman in High School around 1992. It wasn?t until 1999 that he dug it out of the closet, revamped it, and finished the novel.The only characters from that early draft to survive the purge were Private Investigator Jake Silver and abductee Christina Anderson. Everything else was scrapped, including the original setting of rural Montana.
  • A "Fallen Angel" is a commonly used term in the UFO community for a crashed UFO.
  • The majority of the novel takes place in and around Las Vegas, Nevada. The top-secret base, Area 51, is located just outside of Las Vegas in a dried up lake bed known as "Groom Lake."


Fallen Angels (Excerpt)


Shades of brown and yellow painted the desolate landscape as the Great Pyramid rose magnificently from the Geza plateau. Two smaller pyramids on both sides guarded it. A large crowd had gathered in front of the massive stone paws of the sphinx.

The Sphinx, according to Egyptian mythology, was a creature of mythical proportions. It had the body of a lion, but the head of a man. Towering above the crowd, the head shadowed them from the burning sun of the Egyptian desert. Excitement was thick in the air.

A tall brunette woman, wearing a cotton t-shirt and a pair of khaki shorts, stood in front of the sphinx. She was speaking to several workers holding pry bars. She was beautiful, but not by popular standards. Her hair was long and curly with curves at the bottom that rolled in toward her neck. Her eyes were a deep green that showed her intelligence, but also displayed her youthful excitement. She would turn thirty next year, but for now she still enjoyed being in her twenties.

Trying to explain what she wanted the workers to do, she demonstrated the technique with her hands. The workers began to understand and went quickly to work. They slammed their pry bars into the edges of a massive stone door that they had located in the front of the Sphinx and began to loosen the stone. The door was flush with the surrounding surface. It was a very large stone, close ten feet tall and eight feet wide.

An older man emerged from one of the tents that stood near the Sphinx. He was close to six feet tall, but very overweight. He had a full gray beard matching his shoulder length hair. Adjusting his thick black rimmed glasses, he looked down into the dig site and was mortified to see what was unfolding. Yelling at the top of his lungs he tried to warn the men off. Knowing that his pleas were going unheard, he mustered all his stamina and started to run toward the Sphinx.

The brunette woman heard his pleas, but ignored them. She had worked too hard and too long to be stopped, especially when she was this close. She barked commands at the workers pushing them harder toward her goal.

The stout man made his way through the group. "Alex!" He pushed his way to the front. "Alex, you can?t do this."

She turned and shot him an icy glance. "Freddie, I?m not going to stop now."

"You have to." He pulled her away from the group. "Alex, I just got off the phone with the Egyptian Government and they?ve pulled the plug. They want us out."

Dr. Alex Robinson turned away from him. "Dammit. What happened?"

Freddie placed his hand on her shoulder. "They called the Chicago Museum of Natural History and discovered that you lied about your credentials."

"I was wondering how long that story was going to hold water." She turned to look at her workers. They had almost pried the stone loose. She smiled. "We have to finish, Freddie."

"I can?t let you do that!" He was motioning emphatically. "The Egyptian Government is sending several military units down here to see that we are escorted out and turned over to them. They want our heads Alex!"

"Then they?re going to have to drag me kicking and screaming out of here because I am not going to quit. Not when I am this close!" She turned and began to walk back to the Sphinx. "You can leave if you want Freddie," she smiled at him, "but I?m staying."

Shaking his head, he followed her back to the Sphinx. The workers had moved the stone about three inches out of the surface. Far enough so they could get a hold on it and begin to pull. Alex stood behind them watching in excitement.

Freddie took his place by her side. "What do you expect to find?"

She looked at him and shrugged. "I?m not sure. The carbon dating on this place proves that it pre-dates the Pyramids and everything else that was built here. We?ve also used sonar equipment to find out that there is a large room hidden beneath the Sphinx. This stone obviously hides the entrance to that room. What we find there could validate all of my work."

"What work, Alex? You?ve been running around the world since you were eighteen looking for signs of extraterrestrial involvement on our planet. What makes you think that you?ll find it here in Egypt?"

"Many researchers have theorized that these incredible monuments were actually built by aliens."

Freddie lowered his head. "I have funded your work since you started, but I had no idea you were going to take it this far. The Egyptian Government is not happy with us and they?re going to be here very soon."

"I know, I know-"

She stopped as the mighty stone fell away from the door throwing up a huge cloud of dust. The workers scattered. As the dust began to clear, a lone figure stood in front of the doorway. It was Alex.

"Finally." Stepping toward the door, she peered into a long dark hallway. "Freddie," she turned to look behind her. "Hand me a flashlight."

Curiosity overwhelmed him. Reaching into a warn out tan bag slung over his shoulder, he removed two silver flashlights. Handing one to Alex, he flipped his on and followed her into the doorway. Looking behind them, they saw all the workers standing in a semi-circle around the door.

"They think this place is cursed."

"Thatís absurd, Freddie. Itís been proven that none of the tombs have been cursed. Everyone who has died has done so from ancient bacteria found inside them."

Both looked at each other. Removing two filter masks from his bag, they quickly slipped them over their mouths. Stepping further into the hall, the found themselves standing in front of a large staircase.

"I wonder how far it goes down?"

Freddie shook his head. "What did the sonar show?"

"We estimated that it was about forty feet down."

"Well, letís find out."

They two slowly made their way down the ancient staircase. Shining her light on the wall, Alex saw thousands of Egyptian Hieroglyphs.

Freddie reached over and ran his hand across the wall. "What do they say?"

Alex stepped near the wall giving it a quick once over. "I have no idea."

"Some researcher you are." He let out a small nervous chuckle, trying to lighten the mood.

She smiled and began to make her way down the stairs again. Finally reaching the bottom of the stairs, they found themselves confronted with another long hallway. At the end they could see light filtering out onto the floor and walls.

"Do you see that?" Alex asked anxiously.

Freddie nodded, "What do you think it is?"

"I?m not sure, but I want to find out," She replied.

The two quickened their pace as they proceeded down the hall. Stopping short, they found themselves confronted with a beam of bright light that crossed the hall in front of them. "Looks like a trap."

Freddie examined the beam. "How ingenious. It seems rather like one of those laser alarm systems. When you break the beam an alarm goes off."

"But in our case, something bad happens."

Freddie nodded in agreement.

Alex stared at the beam and snapped her fingers. "I?ve got an idea!" Removing a small round compact from her back pocket she flipped it open revealing a mirror in the top. Snapping it in two she dropped the bottom half. After pulling a piece of gum out of her mouth she stuck it to the top of the mirror.

"What are you doing?"

"I think I saw this on an episode of ?MacGuyver? once. I?m going to try and reflect the beam back into itself. All we have to do is decide which side the beam is emanating from." The two examined both sides. "They look identical."

"Well, you?ve got two choices and one of them is wrong."

"Thatís very reassuring, Freddie." Looking at both ends, she decided to just pick one. "I?ve got a fifty-fifty chance. Here goes." Moving to the right side she readied herself. Counting to three, she quickly passed the mirror into the beam. Slowly moving it to the right, she attached it to the wall with the piece of gum. She let out a sigh of relief. Turning to Freddie, she motioned for him to keep moving.

The light appeared to grow brighter as they approached the end of the hall. Rounding the corner they were confronted by a blinding white light. Raising their hands to shield their eyes, they both pulled on their sunglasses.

"Oh my God." Alex muttered nervously under her breath.

Moving into the room they stared at the object in the center. "Alex...what is it?" Freddie was awestruck.

"Itís not Egyptian. Thatís for sure."

Stepping toward the object they both tried to get a good look at it through the harsh light. It seemed to be a long cylinder with a glowing orb on top. It was standing upright thanks to four legs that extended down from its midsection. On the front of the device was an odd shaped control panel. It was pentagon shaped with what seemed to be a recessed handprint in the center.

Alex neared the panel to get a better look at it. Something about the handprint struck her odd. "Look at this Freddie."

Freddie knelt down beside it. "It has four fingers just like a normal hand, but look at that! It has what appear to be two thumbs. One on each side."

"Definitely not Egyptian," Alex was transfixed on the device, "Or Human for that matter." The two were startled by the sound of footsteps behind them. Twirling around, Alex found herself confronted by several armed guards. "Oh shit," she muttered.

The guards shouted at them in a foreign language much to quickly for Freddie and Alex to understand. They motioned for the two to slowly step away from the object. Nodding to each other, Alex and Freddie raised their hands as the two guards escorted them out of the room at gunpoint.

Alex leaned over and whispered to Freddie. "We need to get out of here." Simultaneously they glanced over at the mirror they had attached to the wall. "Are you thinking what I?m thinking?"

Freddie nodded. "This will be very dangerous."

Alex agreed. "When I say so, run like hell."

She let out a loud moan and doubled over. She leaned her left hand against the wall near the mirror and wrapped the other around her stomach. Freddie immediately moved to her side and laid a hand on her back. Turning back to the soldiers he motioned frantically. "Sheís sick! We need help!"

The soldiers looked at each other. "Sick," they repeated in broken English.

Alex looked up at Freddie. "Run!" Quickly snapping her arm across the mirror the light beam shot across the hall. The two took off breaking the beam. The soldiers began to take aim when several wooden spikes shot out of the wall impaling them. Alex watched in horror as they hung awkwardly from the spikes as their bodies twitched.

Alex and Freddie were almost to the top of the stairs when another soldier dashed out of the room, his machine gun blazing. Freddie screamed as a bullet ripped through his back dropping him instantly to his knees.

Alex reached the top of the stairs and flattened to the ground. "Freddie!"

Waiving with his hand, he motioned for her to run. "Go! I can?t walk!" He moaned. "Save yourself!"


"Do it!" He shouted.

She looked at him with tears in her eyes. "I?ll never forget you Freddie!" Jumping to her feet, she ran out of the doorway. Breaching the entrance, Alex was quickly blinded by the bright sun. She had inadvertently left her sunglasses inside the lower chamber. Taking several steps forward she bumped into something.

"Ma?am, I?m going to have to ask you to come with us."

"Who...?" She trailed off in mid-sentence. Looking up, she was standing in front of a large man dressed in Air Force blue.

He grabbed Alexís arm. Twisting it behind her back, he handcuffed her hands together. Guiding her toward his jeep, he forced her inside. Sitting on either side of her were two heavily armed soldiers in desert camouflage. The man in the US Air Force uniform climbed into the driverís seat and cranked the ignition.

"Where am I being taken?" Alex asked.

"You are to be taken directly to the airport where you will be shipped back to the States." The driver answered.

"For what reason?"

The man was silent. Placing the jeep into gear, he turned the car around and began to drive out of the desert.