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The Cup and the Bucket
A Workbook for Life
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-207-0
Genre: Self Help/Philosophy
eBook Length: 300 Pages
Published: November 2004

From inside the flap

No time to find your guide in a mountain cave in Tibet? You?ve come to the right place. Demystify yourself. The Cup and the Bucket is a book about karma, the soul, reincarnation, the Tarot and pizza.

A practical guide to living a new age life in a young soul world...

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The Cup and the Bucket (Excerpt)


"You can?t possibly be serious. Do you really believe the world needs yet another book full of popularized eastern philosophy and pseudo new age bullshit?" M.N., my alter ego, doesn?t mince words.

"Yes, I believe it does."

"Get a hold of yourself, man. There are dozens, if not hundreds of books out there and the world is still filled with anguish. What difference will another make?"

"Who knows? Surely not I. Yet it might be that one book might reach a person, whereas another might not."

M.N. looked at me and sighed. "So you?re going to stay up late every night and write this thing. You?ll sacrifice sleep, ignore your friends and become antisocial in general, just because someone, somewhere, might get something out of it?"

"No. I am writing this for myself. If someone gets something out if it, thatís a fringe benefit."

M.N. vanished in a puff of logic (with all due respect to Douglas Adams).

So here I am, writing yet another book in an attempt to solve the unsolvable puzzle. The ideas presented here are, for the most part, not new. Some are thousands of years old. Yet perhaps there will be something in the way I present them that will enable you to see reality in a different light. For one thing, I don?t consider myself a psychic or mystic. I?m just a man who does not look at life from the same viewpoint as most of my compatriots. And that bit of perspective might be just what you need to make sense of a very complicated (yet surprisingly simple) world.

This book should be read in order, for understanding later concepts depends on internalizing earlier ones. Learn each section and understand it before you move on. Try to internalize the concepts in each chapter. We are not looking for an intellectual understanding, but an embracing of a concept. It is the difference between being told what love is and falling in love.

Taking each step slowly might mean reading a passage three times. It might mean putting the book down for a week. It might mean not reading further, until you?re comfortable with the ideas espoused in the section you?re currently working on. With practice, all of this can be understood by anyone.

So find a place you feel comfortable, minimize your distractions and read on. Hopefully, somewhere down the road, you?ll find the world is not the horrid, chaotic place you once thought it was.