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Without a Fear of Words
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-191-0
Genre: Non-Fiction/Self Help
eBook Length: 184 Pages
Published: October 2004

Total Readers: 5

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Lazette Gifford, Managing Editor of Vision: A Resource for Writers ( and the owner/site administrator of Forward Motion for Writers ( ), presents a collection of essays on the philosophy and act of writing. The collection of short essays covers everything from accepting that you are a writer to setting goals, and from writing short stories to resurrecting older manuscripts.

She also hopes to convey the joy she has found in writing and the enthusiasm that can help writers past the disappointment of plot lines that don?t quite work and the inevitable rejections, while still maintaining their love of creating stories.

Reviews and Awards

If you have aspirations of being a writer or want to sharpen your writing skills, you owe it to yourself to pickup this little volume of vital information. Believe me, itís worth the price! ~ED

Without a Fear of Words (Excerpt)

Introduction: Fearless

Over the last eight years I have found that I have a lot to say about writing. Most of this expression comes from being part of Forward Motion, a community of writers that now tops 5000 members. People at the site ask questions about writing and sometimes my ideas help them. It surprises me.

Four years ago I had this brilliant idea called Vision: A Resource for Writers. After the creation of the ezine, I started receiving great articles from a number of talented and wonderful writers. However, I still had to come up with even more ideas about writing and actually... well... write them.

What you find here are articles (most of them from Vision) on aspects of writing that have worked for me. These articles may not work for you, and you may not even agree with many of the things I say. Writers are not all one breed, after all, and what works for me will not work for every other writer.

There will be repetition of some ideas and themes that you?ll find in many of the articles. Stop making excuses and just sit down and do the work plays an important part in my philosophy. So does writing for yourself, even if publication is the most important goal of your life. Writers face disappointment every time a story is rejected by a publisher. If you are not writing for yourself and for the love of writing, those early rejections can be the death knell to a career before it even gets started.

Writing for writers is an odd experience. Since I?m not a bestselling novelist or an award winning short story writer, many people tend to think my suggestions won?t be helpful. However, in these articles I am most often writing about something I know very well and thatís how to produce words.

I can?t help you write good words. Thatís something you have to find within yourself, and no amount of teaching technique and rules will do it for you. Only writing can teach you to write well. It is an acquired art and it takes practice, just like playing music and painting. You can read all the work you want on technique, but you only get proficient by practice.

I can, however, encourage you to love the act of writing, and not to fear words that you write. Remember when you write that nothing is set in stone. Writers get to change, fix, delete and completely rewrite everything. You never need to fear that what you are writing isn?t good enough.

The only story that can?t be fixed is the one you never write.

And only you can write the stories you imagine.

So go and write. Have fun. Telling a story is a gift you have been given. Enjoy it just for itself. Being published is icing, but it doesn?t mean the cake isn?t sweet without it -- or that you don?t have to learn to bake the cake before you can add the frosting.

The following articles are divided into three groups:

? The Philosophy of Writing -- My personal philosophy about just sitting down and doing the work.

? The Act of Writing -- Here you will find articles on everything from POV to clothing, government to weather.

? Workshops -- This is a set of workshops from Vision: A Resource for Writers.