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ISBN-10: 1-55404-109-0
Genre: Science Fiction
eBook Length: 281 Pages
Published: January 2004

From inside the flap

For thousands of years man has traveled the galaxy using the corridors generated by the L'arobi Frame. Now, the Ami-Den Alliance seeks to gain control of the mechanism to satisfy their lust for conquest. There's only one problem... no one knows where it is.

Two thousand years in the future, the Lord Mallick, leader of the Ami-Den Alliance, devises a brutal and brilliant plan to conquer the galaxy. Using corridors that tie one planet to another, Mallick's magnificent gunships have arrived at Cembel, home world of Wallace, the Cembelese Regent, and a man bitterly opposed to Mallick's triumphant advance. Faced with the certain destruction of his world and the worlds of his Alliance, Wallace is captured, held prisoner and compelled to bend to Mallick's will.

Wallace attempts to comply with the Ami-Den warlord, while clandestinely forming a partnership with rebels who fight against Mallick and the usurper king he has placed in power on Cembel. Receiving veiled instructions, Wallace follows the vague plans laid out by his predecessor and sets upon a dangerous course to free his world, and, perhaps, protect the gem of the galaxy, the key to the Alliances, the jewel prized above all others... the L'arobi Frame.

Reviews and Awards

Wow! Want to take a trip into the far future with the non-stop adventure of Star Wars coupled with the pomp and circumstance of Edgar Rice Burroughs' John Carter of Mars series? This book will do it for you! I was captivated from the first page until the last....

...I highly recommend this book. Buy it. Read it. Live it. You will be glad you did."

Reviewed by S. Joan Popek for

"... This is a good underdogs fight back story, the characters are engaging and the pace of the tale pulls you through to its conclusion. E.L. Noel tells a good story, merging elements of different genres without leaving things feeling like a clash of cultures."

Reviewed by Steve & Lesley Mazey for The Eternal Night

A must-read for all sci fi fans and a wonderful intro to sci fi for the uninitiated. J. B. Jones, award winning author of COUSIN FEELY


Machado's long white hair flowed about his face and over his shoulders. His skin was lineless, though retained its aged look. His eyes shone silver, a step beyond the clouded eyes of the pilots. A faint aura surrounded him.

His robe rippled and changed colors: purples, reds, blues.

"Counselor," Wallace breathed, his voice flat and without the vibrancy of Machado's.

Machado laughed, a sound heard in the mind as well as the ear. "I am no counselor, and you may address me as Machado."

Wallace's skin prickled.

Machado lifted his hand. "I mean you no harm." Light changed and rippled with his movement, a cascading brilliance at once attractive and fearful, a beautiful distortion that disturbed while it beckoned.

Wallace again placed his hand against the wall for balance. A sense of weightlessness rushed through him, followed by a wave of nausea. "Who are you?" A small question, but not so small in the face of a being he hadn't known existed.