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A Distant Bell
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-063-9
Genre: Science Fiction
eBook Length: 213 Pages
Published: June 2003

From inside the flap

The long awaited sequel to A Circle of Arcs; this fast-moving historical time travel has been likened to riding a kayak through the rapids.

If you were blind and could only see in your dreams, would you ever want to wake up?

Reviews and Awards

The plot is an incredibly complex weave, a tapestry of many colors. The author uses great skill in presenting the narrative through a succession of 'points of view' so that I was never lost despite the intricacy of the story line. It is a good read, proven by the fact that I finished it in a single day.

If you like fantasy, you'll love A Distant Bell.

Once you have finished this book, you will want to read its predecessor, A Circle of Arcs, if you have not already done so.
--Dr Bob Rich

If you've read A CIRCLE OF ARCS, you'll see some familiar faces. You'll also see some new ones. If you haven't read A CIRCLE OF ARCS, it doesn't matter. You'll enjoy A DISTANT BELL anyway.
--Copyright (c) 2003 Michael LaRocca.

Tommy Stewart is blind, but when he sleeps, he can see. In those dreams he is Etienne, a boy his own age who lives centuries before our time. Etienne grows from a 10-year-old peasant to an 18-year-old in love. He works for the baron, a controversial figure pulled straight from the pages of history. 15th Century France, war with the Anglais, Joan of Arc.

Lynn Stewart is the daughter of a respected banker. Henry Cooper is the son of a working-class man, and half Vietnamese. They are
high school classmates, then they become something more. Something Lynnís father most certainly does not approve of, due to differences of class and caste and his own dark secrets. Suddenly, there are charges that Henry stole the bankís money, charges of which he believes he is innocent. Meanwhile, Lynn is certain Henry raped her. Henry is equally certain that he did not. The reader just plain doesn?t know. But, as Henry is hauled off to prison, he swears vengeance. Henry is Tommyís father.

Father Sean Doneghan is one of only two people -- three if we count Lynn Stewart -- who know the truth of Tommyís origins, and he is apparently killed because of that knowledge. Did Henry Cooper do it? The reader just plain doesn?t know, and must keep reading to find out.

In those paragraphs, I?ve given you two chapters. And the pace never lets up. Kate Saundby has always done a wonderful job of creating stand-alone novels that may be prequels to something and sequels to something else. This is the sequel to A CIRCLE OF
ARCS. It contains political intrigues, a large cast of colorful characters, time travel, alien sorcerers, possession, evil, and and just lots of juicy writing that you can really sink your teeth into. It also demonstrates her great skill at giving you a characterís life story in a few short paragraphs and making you genuinely interested.

If you?ve read A CIRCLE OF ARCS, you?ll see some familiar faces. You?ll also see some new ones. If you haven?t read A CIRCLE OF
ARCS, it doesn?t matter. You?ll enjoy A DISTANT BELL anyway.

Michael LaRocca
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A Distant Bell (Excerpt)