A Listing of Suspense/Thriller Titles

Dark Bargain
In this seventh book of the series, Aubrey, brother of Islara, a female broker, unwittingly causes Regan, a Second Corps Captain turned broker, a huge financial loss. To protect Aubrey, Islara marries Regan. Regan hires her, and treats her as his intellectual equal. Islara enjoys a new life spice  ...[Read More]
Dark Muse
The flat was on the third floor, near the tourist section of Montreal's old port section. In the heat of her passion, Vi’s colours were intensifying, becoming more vivid, shifting, dancing more quickly. Down on the street below, there was still the odd passer-by. Some saw the strange display and won  ...[Read More]
All Deacon Sender wanted to do with the rest of his life was retire, but a few things got in his way. One of those obstacles was a madman by the name of Emerson Paisley. Paisley was a big man with a big thirst for killing young gay men, one of which just happened to be his friend Terry.   ...[Read More]
Dead Man Falling
False identities, the persistence of memory, and the refusal to admit that love can not save you, combine in a razor-edged crime novel that establishes Randall Silvis as one of the preeminent practitioners of the literary art. The hero of this novel, Mac Parris, isn?t who he appears to be. A wildlif  ...[Read More]
Death Disco
"Sex is magic. It is the oldest, most powerful kind of magic there is. It binds us to creation. But creation is nothing without destruction. Life and death feed on each other -- the eternal serpent devouring its own tail. Since the dawn of time the most primitive cultures understood this. They perso  ...[Read More]
Death Next Door
Mind Control and World Domination take form in the successful development of a mind numbing drug created by the son of a Nazi physicist. Once administered to the world all would become open to suggestions as dictated by it’s originators.   ...[Read More]
This collection of tales comes from the quill of Penemue, fallen angel and bringer of ink and pen to the children of men. Listen as he recounts his tales, both new and old, of his brethren demons when they  walked the earth of men. This volume contains  ...[Read More]
Desolation Island
Framed for a murder he didn?t commit, second-tier superhero Ben Thomason, known in the trades as ?Desolation Outlaw?, is convicted and sentenced to life in prison at Eagle Island Detention Center, a top secret, billion dollar penitentiary that houses only the elite of super-villains and super- hero’  ...[Read More]
Desolation Outpost
Tucked cozily away within the majestic mountain ranges of Northern Wyoming, the Jasper Outpost serves as a federally mandated rehabilitation facility for superheroes gone to seed; a desolate yet picturesque rest stop on the road to recovery for specially-endowed types having fallen from grace.   ...[Read More]
Destiny Island
What do you do when one of your ancestors has a curse placed on him and you and your friends find yourselves trapped on an island with that curse? Connie and her friends face such a situation and must battle a reanimated Shaman, Zombies, and an Elemental if they are to survive Destiny Island.  ...[Read More]
Detective Colter
A suspenseful thriller. The seemingly unrelated disappearances of young, beautiful women comes to the notice of Detective Colter when Veronica Banes gives the police their first lead. The investigation leads them from New York City to Oregon, New Jersey and New Mexico; a countrywide manhunt for a cu  ...[Read More]
Ebook and soon to be released paperback! Sally and Anne Mae Harris, the deeply loved wife and daughter of successful L.A. cartoonist Mica Harris, wake after a devastating auto collision to find thems  ...[Read More]
Devlin’s Hollow
Inspired by a true story.     Is there life after death? It’s a question best-selling horror novelist Jack Devlin is desperately trying to answer since his wife’s suicide. His personal life has crumbled, while his career and sanity aren’t far behind as his nights are spent combing through  ...[Read More]
Dianne Hollander
A psychotic woman, an ex wrestler, and two beautiful young girls are all ingredients in this dark tale. Dianne Hollander is a deranged woman with a life long dream to one day work in the medical field and she will stop at nothing to get there. See what happens when she finally realizes her dream and  ...[Read More]
Diverting the Buddha - Second Edition
Second Edition - "a Robert Ludlum like thriller!" DIVERTING THE BUDDHA examines the impact that the politically well connected have on our world. It is a large canvas novel that picks up were THE QUIET AMERICAN left off. As with the Graham Greene novel, this work  ...[Read More]
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