A Listing of Suspense/Thriller Titles

Casting Stones
In these fourteen tales, Erik Tomblin examines the darker landscapes in our lives, which we know exist, but refuse to explore for fear of the truth. From the classic question of a soul’s existence to an inter-dimensional, tragic love story, Casting Stones portrays the unexpected consequences of thos  ...[Read More]
Chain Dance
The Third Book of Joy: Chain Dance is the second notebook of family lore, the collection of Joy’s magical stories about her enslaved ancestors, researched by Professor Bo Wolfson in Burning Streams; the first notebook was published in Blood of Angels. When Heaven’s heartbroken death in childbirth   ...[Read More]
Chilling Out
At the current temperature of seventy degrees, I figure my shelf-life is about half a day. Being a zombie certainly has its complications, but Paris is determined to survive. An old-fashioned remedy might hold the secret to her longevity. If only she can stay alive long enough   ...[Read More]
?A human specific bioweapon can kill most of the population of a city before it even knows it’s under attack, leaving the physical infrastructure virtually intact. In rural areas it can destroy human life while leaving crops and livestock untouched, uninfectious. Thrown into chaos, the remai  ...[Read More]
Chloe The Clone is a suspense set in the year 2020. Part Romancing the Stone (romantic, comedic, with inept bad guys), part Paper Moon (feel good, sentimental, and quirky), Chloe The Clone nevertheless poses a serious story question: what does a man do when he comes to love the child who was cloned  ...[Read More]
City Of The Long Night
Jonathan Small hates his family. Nothing unusual there but he is also the most powerful man in the city. The man who controls everything. So when dear old grandfather finally escapes from his opulent villa prison and unleashes a secret army to regain control of the family business there is bound   ...[Read More]
It's time to take Vampires to a New, Bold, Reawakening.Vampires are not what you think. They aren't your friends. They're not supposed to be your lovers. Welcome to the dark world of true nightwalkers, where feeding on blood, will be the least of your worries.  ...[Read More]
Cold Case Mysteries
Cold Case Mysteries is a compilation of two wonderful mystery stories by Karen Lewis. They’ll catch you on the first page and keep you glued to the pages to the bloody end!   ...[Read More]
Cold Fear
On an isolated expanse of tundra near the tiny subarctic community of Churchill, Manitoba, an ancient evil has been awakened... and now it is ready to feed.  ...[Read More]
Confessions of a Ghoul and Other Stories
"I am recording: Tim Meadows here doing his thesis: The matrix of grave markers are neatly trimmed in the evanescent moonlight. Helixes of crickets surround the paddock of mist. Silent screams bob up from cavernous graves of the recent dead. The banks of mausoleums stand on the north end flanking  ...[Read More]
No one likes to lose a favorite relative, but it’s far worse when that person is murdered.   ...[Read More]
Coyote Scare
There’s something strange about the beautiful coyote that starts roaming around the farm. Then it disappears for a while. When it returns, there’s something even stranger about it, and it’s not just its deteriorating appearance. Now it seems to be having an effect on Bob, one so horrible he will no   ...[Read More]
Creeping Dread
As part of a secretly assembled crack team of confederate soldiers dubbed ‘The Phantom Rebs’, former Civil War sharpshooter Luther Henry thought he’d survived the worst that infamous conflict had to offer.Fast forward a full decade later, where he finds himself pursued across the rolling   ...[Read More]
In this first half of the sixth book of the series, Sebastian, Chief of Security of the Columbian Military Complex, captures and interrogates Marianne, a Gaean spy. He conceals evidence so as to shield her from harm. She agrees to engage with him in sexual exchanges involving the infliction of pa  ...[Read More]
Dark Autumn
July 20, 2021, was a date nobody would ever forget. It was the day Earth made contact with intelligent beings from another planet. They were human, from the planet Outland. They came because citizens in a private space yacht found one of Earth’s deep space probes, the "Voyager." It had been launched  ...[Read More]
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