A Listing of Suspense/Thriller Titles

Still Waters
The Maiden voyage of the Titanic was to be the toast of Europe. Filled with the richest people in the world, there was no end to the trip's possibilities. At least, that is what Archaeologist Dennis Parker thought.  ...[Read More]
Storm Cloud Rising
What happens when you have seen something you weren’t supposed to see? What happens when what you have seen will change the face of the Earth forever? What will the governments of the world do to keep things stable and quiet while everything you ever knew is about to change? Who will be saved? Who w  ...[Read More]
Suitable Fate
Talk about danger on your doorstep…a mysterious victim in a familiar suit has just paid Gloria a visit, and died. With the corpse on a slab and crucial evidence bagged and labeled, police already have their chief suspect in their sights: Tony Lambert, Gloria’s husband.  ...[Read More]
Survival Gene
What do we need most of all? Money and sex? No. Air and water! But what if the atmosphere changes and oceans move? Shall we have to stop making love and money, and disappear like dinosaurs? Nope again. Andrew Barkov, a Miami’s Police Lieutenant, finds a way to save humanity using the genetic enginee  ...[Read More]
Talbert’s Plunge
“Talberts Plunge” is a short horror novel about a writer named Talbert Massey, most call him Tal, whose wife gives birth to a child whose soul is owned by Satan himself. The child, ironically named Christian, was born prematurely his birthing process was altered by an evil man named Mishok. Tal reje  ...[Read More]
Tall Man in the Hat
Daniel has been trained by the Roman Church to rescue those who have sold their souls to the Prince of Darkness. God often intervenes and offers a final opportunity for repentance as long as it happens before the man in the tall hat arrives for his payment. After forty years of service as a Redee  ...[Read More]
The Adydos Triad
Evil Looms From An Ancient Place OPR Chairman Wess? daughter woke up this morning covered in blood that wasn?t her own. Now she is being charged with a murder that she has no memory of. It’s up to Nick Bishop and the Office of Paranormal Research to prove, or disprove her innocence.   ...[Read More]
The Coma Lights
Will Sully ever break free of the evil force menacing him? Will he ever be able to live a normal, unthreatened life?   ...[Read More]
The Conspiracy of Silence
Imagine a nation engulfed in a steamy, seductive scandal, when a mysterious corpse found inside a rented Cadillac in an obscure park in Southern California turns out to be Susan Whitaker, the flamboyant wife of the governor of California. A dazzlingly intricate shuffle of accumulating le  ...[Read More]
The Dark Place
Amongst the brooding woods that line the field is a pond that constrains an evil of immensity and cunning. No one except Morgan has faced this evil... only Morgan knows what lives in The Dark Place. A must read from suspense thriller superstar Bill Wilson  ...[Read More]
The Depths Of Evil
For a news team from Detroit, it was just another Halloween-type feature story about a suddenly abandoned town in rural Michigan. Yet their presence awakens an ancient evil that lives in the mysterious lake next to the town – an evil that refuses to allow them to leave. It’s an evil that rises from   ...[Read More]
The Devil in Maryvale
THE DEVIL IN MARYVALE, Jackie Griffey’s new book, is now out. It is the first of a cozy mystery series set in fictional Pine County, Tenessee. This series incorporates the gifted with the population of Maryvale and Pine county. The first of them in THE DEVIL IN MARYVALE is a psychic; the sec  ...[Read More]
The Dogs of Holly Warren
From the poverty-ridden streets of Boston’s mongrel sector, Frank Riley abandons his gang to set out on a hobo’s hunger-driven journey to the Mexican border, where available employment has been rumored in the lofty citrus-picking industry. Instead, he meets up with the looniest batch of bleedin  ...[Read More]
The Eyes Of The Stars
Chicago Homicide Detective Paul Gminski is haunted by dark dreams of his late mother. Unable to rest, Paul and his partner Ivey become entangled with the serial murders of a mysterious group called the Council of Six. Someone of something is killing the group’s members, each of whom possesses a piec  ...[Read More]
The Flagmaker’s Son
  ...[Read More]
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