A Listing of Suspense/Thriller Titles

Rogue Program
DON’T MISS THIS ONE! Rogue Program is an outgrowth of my popular novel, Savage Survival, which is combined with the sequel to make one giant book, essentially two books for the price of one!   ...[Read More]
Infusing Celtic myth with Southern Gothic in the contemporary Ozark landscape, Samhain is the story of Chase Lawrence, an out of work teacher blacklisted from most jobs in his Arkansas community due to his connection with a recent murder that has left his life in ruins. His fiancé has left him and h  ...[Read More]
Savage Survival
Darrell Bain’s finest novel to date. Savage Survival is a coming of age novel like no other and Lyda Brightner is a character you?ll remember forever. Raped at eleven. Forced to kill. Subjected to suffering in one brutal and horrible environment after another, with no parents or guardian to protect   ...[Read More]
Scarlet Woman
An eerie tale about an unsolved murder, and an unlikely killer who strikes again and again…  ...[Read More]
Secrets Of The Broken Seal
Suppose an ancient curse was broken and you were to blame for unleashing havoc upon humanity. Somber Cook, a 15-year-old teen, is tricked into breaking an ancient curse—The Seal of Judgement bestowed by an ancient king and implemented by The Guardians of Light. The ongoing war between go  ...[Read More]
Seeking Asylum
Kevin Leary, flawless to the world but haunted by his grandfather’s murderous legacy, seeks refuge at a lakeside cottage that appears idyllic but overlooks the underwater ruins of an asylum for criminally insane children. Tormented by visions of the fire that killed the inmates decades earlier, Lear  ...[Read More]
Seven Days in Benevolence
When Dena Harris and her two daughters moved into the house in tiny Benevolence, Oklahoma, they didn?t realize they?d be sharing it with several ghosts, one of which has diabolical plans for Dena’s youngest daughter. As the ghosts grow stronger and Dena grows weaker, she soon finds herself trapped i  ...[Read More]
Shadow Worlds
Genetic duplicates of people start dropping out of thin air right beside the originals. The duplicates are complete except for one little detail: they?re dead. Frank Winston begins an investigation that widens to include the mystery of a vanished airliner that had his parents on board, as well as th  ...[Read More]
Sinners Obsession
A frantic mother researches her daughter’s flawed DNA in a race against time, suffering disappointment after disappointment in her search for a cure. In this sequel to Sinners’ Opera, Morgan D’Arcy, English lord, classical pianist and vampire, finally wins his Isabeau. Six months of pain  ...[Read More]
Slaughterhouse Remains
An appetizing selection of gruesome goodies awaits the reader in this tantalizing adventure presented by Chef Billy and his shifty kitchen crew.   ...[Read More]
Some Cost a Passing Bell
No one is safe as Tim learns to use the power in the hills where his widow now lives. The residents credit Camilla with Tim’s evil deeds and decide to stop her. But they’re up against a vast, terrible power as ghost battles ghost with the living as the prize.  ...[Read More]
Space for Sale
The zany, politically incorrect Williard brothers are back, and this time they’re shooting for Mars, trying to spend the billions of dollars inherited from the Mafia Godfather. But there’s a financially and politically powerful organization that’s been seriously hampering manned space flight for mor  ...[Read More]
Spawn Of The Solstice
This supernatural thriller brings together terror, suspense, guilt, hatred, deception, heroism, and redemption—and the healing power of love.  ...[Read More]
Specters Lost Journal Entry
This lost journal entry from Vampire Hunter Marcus Specter dating back to 1699, details his wife and daughter’s final night on Earth, and his failure to protect them from his greatest enemy, Caitlin. Learn more about the characters of Specter and Caitlin, featured in the upcoming Double Drag  ...[Read More]
Something has followed Tim Smith for all his life as he found himself shuffled from one foster family to another. Now, at eighteen, he’s decided to escape the city. He’s found peace in a small Maine town.... But he can?t outrun the trouble that has followed him all his life.  ...[Read More]
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