A Listing of Supernatural/Horror Titles

Sweet Darkness
There is nothing sweet about Sweet Darkness, the latest feat from skilled writer and editor Richard Logsdon.  Darkness, a collection of fifteen short stories for the very mature reader, is an exploration of the world of the lost and the damned.  In fact, in one of th  ...[Read More]
Talbert’s Plunge
“Talberts Plunge” is a short horror novel about a writer named Talbert Massey, most call him Tal, whose wife gives birth to a child whose soul is owned by Satan himself. The child, ironically named Christian, was born prematurely his birthing process was altered by an evil man named Mishok. Tal reje  ...[Read More]
The Adydos Triad
Evil Looms From An Ancient Place OPR Chairman Wess? daughter woke up this morning covered in blood that wasn?t her own. Now she is being charged with a murder that she has no memory of. It’s up to Nick Bishop and the Office of Paranormal Research to prove, or disprove her innocence.   ...[Read More]
The Body Shop and Other Amusements
The Body Shop consists of a novella and twelve short stories. The title piece is the most engaging and original story in the whole collection. Its 40,000 odd words pack in a fair amount of black satirical horror. Set in a post apocalyptic future where life is very cheap and rapidly cannibalised, we   ...[Read More]
The Book of the Black Sun
The Book of the Black Sun is thirty-two Lovecraftian stories arranged in eight clusters of four stories: a micro story, a flash piece, a short story and a longer short story. Each cluster is named after a chapter in the Book of the Black Sun. References to the Cthulhu Mythos, strange mandalas, spinn  ...[Read More]
The Burden
For Marduc, the love that he had for his mother was the only he had ever known, but her execution at the hands of the French monarchy was more than he could bear. His desire for revenge propels him into a world of passion, madness, brutality, witchcraft, and a deal with the Devil soon regretted.   ...[Read More]
The Curse of the Three-Headed Circus
Before Little Mary came to The Three-Headed Circus, twenty-one-year old Harvey’s only worries were keeping his deceased father’s circus running and trying to get Tabs, the beautiful wire-walker, to notice him. Then Harvey meets Little Mary, a three-foot woman who impacts his circus in a way he could  ...[Read More]
The Dark Place
Amongst the brooding woods that line the field is a pond that constrains an evil of immensity and cunning. No one except Morgan has faced this evil... only Morgan knows what lives in The Dark Place. A must read from suspense thriller superstar Bill Wilson  ...[Read More]
The Dead Effect
They possess no pulse, nor a heartbeat. Their lungs have long since discarded the need to regulate oxygen.  Logical thought escapes them, as does such common emotional states as happiness, sadness, or depression.   The age-old weaknesses of man, such as lust, greed, or envy, no lon  ...[Read More]
The Demogorgon Agenda
There is a secret history to the World and it is known to only a few. Beyond the history books and behind the headlines, there are mysteries that can never be revealed, unbelievable stories that can never know the light of day. Only a small group of brave, dedicated men and women dare know these   ...[Read More]
The Demon Hunter’s Apprentice
In the city of Hell’s Crown, legendary Demon Hunter Cain Stoddard was infected by an ancient evil. Stumbling from the city, he fled north, seeking the desolation of the Old Kingdoms. There, he hoped to find the means to expel the wickedness roosting just beneath his skin.   ...[Read More]
The Depths Of Evil
For a news team from Detroit, it was just another Halloween-type feature story about a suddenly abandoned town in rural Michigan. Yet their presence awakens an ancient evil that lives in the mysterious lake next to the town – an evil that refuses to allow them to leave. It’s an evil that rises from   ...[Read More]
The Eyes Of The Stars
Chicago Homicide Detective Paul Gminski is haunted by dark dreams of his late mother. Unable to rest, Paul and his partner Ivey become entangled with the serial murders of a mysterious group called the Council of Six. Someone of something is killing the group’s members, each of whom possesses a piec  ...[Read More]
The Hollowing
Shawn Walsh’s problems don’t arise from his own troubled past but from someone else’s. Fires, floods, battles, bone-rattling quakes—he’s frequently an unwilling and horrified participant in events long gone. For when The Hollowing claims him, his present dissolves.  ...[Read More]
The House Spider
Epiphanies and revelations?. Each of the ten stories contained in this strangely wondrous collection explore the oftentimes mysterious, sometimes miraculous, nature of belief.  From cobwebbed basements to desert wastelands, these stories offer up a host of dark landscapes where outside forces i  ...[Read More]
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