A Listing of Supernatural/Horror Titles

Frightful October
"Frightful October" takes you across shadowed cornfields and along the twilight streets of suburban neighborhoods, beneath dark forests and through haunted houses, in this short story collection centered around Halloween and the darker aspects of the fall month. These chilling tales can be whispered  ...[Read More]
Full Wolf Moon
Eastern California, 1942: Alone, Tsuko Ataki strolls the boundaries of Tulenar Internment Camp. Too late, he sees the silver wolven creature waiting in the full moon’s light. The creature leaps. His head trapped in the werewolf’s jaws, Tsuko Ataki can?t even cry out as he’s dragged through the   ...[Read More]
Ghoultide Greetings: Horror Stories for Christmas
Snow is falling. The fire is in the hearth. The presents are under the tree and it is time for ... horror! Since Dickens' Eberneezer Scrooge, Christmas has been a holiday of horrors. GHOULTIDE GREETINGS offers fifteen tales to add a chill to your holiday season. So break out the eggnog and prepare t  ...[Read More]
One-way ticket to Hell.  ...[Read More]
Her Unremembering Way
Based on a true event, "Her Unremembering Way" tells the story of the Bells, a rural Tennessee farm family in the early 1800s. The Bell family became the center of the first and perhaps most famous poltergeist event to be documented in America, witnessed even by President Andrew Jackson. But this wa  ...[Read More]
Hugger Doll
When a hugger doll enters Hally Varney’s life she doesn?t at first understand the danger. But Police Sergeant Clint Hendrick soon realizes that he should have paid more attention to his old granny’s superstitions. He’s discovered the hard way that hugger dolls do exist and he’s got to figure out how  ...[Read More]
Hunting Sorrow
"The Hunting Sorrow" opens in Cairo, 1992. The unearthing of the tomb of Alexander of Macedonia, who ruled Egypt as Setp n Re Mery Amun, unleashes a terrible curse, taking revenge not only on those who trespassed on this grave, but on all who have stolen from the ancient burial chambers and vi  ...[Read More]
Who was the force behind the uprising in Heaven against God and His Angels?  The written word of the bible acknowledges Satan as the agitator; however, as we find out through mythology and pagan cultures of ancient times, Satan did not act of his own free will.  He was influenced by this entity o  ...[Read More]
In the Blood
By day, Elise draws and paints, spilling out the horrific visions of her tortured mind. By night, she walks the streets, selling her body to the highest bidder.   And then they come into her life: a trio of impossibly beautiful vampires: Terence, Maria, and   ...[Read More]
Homicide detective, Bob DiStanza, has been doggedly pursuing an active serial killer operating throughout the city of Philadelphia. As the lead investigator of a dedicated taskforce commissioned to stop this highly disciplined yet unyielding predator of women, Bob struggles with the situation’s grim  ...[Read More]
Itchy Park
Virgin. Anxiety-driven. Bibliophile. Frank Palmer doesn’t have much going for him until one day he finds an old hardback left inside a Gladstone bag. The book details the gruesome black magic rituals performed by occultist doctor and butcher doctor. What if these black magic spells were to be r  ...[Read More]
Father Daniel travels half the world to meet a woman who is not what she seems. It isn?t until he starts running from the law that he realizes this latest assignment to redeem a soul may be the most unusual of his career--another episode in the Soul Redeemer Series. Join Father Daniel (from Tall Man  ...[Read More]
Lake October
Things that seem too good to be true usually are. That’s what Chris Jackson and his wife, Heather, discover when they buy a house on the shores of Lake October for a fraction of its market value. Although meant to be a year-round idyll where they can raise their two sons without the encroaching dang  ...[Read More]
Legacy of the Ripper
Jack Thomas Reid, nephew of Robert Cavendish who first appeared in A Study in Red – The Secret Journal of Jack the Ripper languishes in the secure Ravenswood Psychiatric Hospital, sentenced to confinement ‘at Her Majesty’s Pleasure’ for a series of apparent ‘Jack the Ripper’ copycat killings in the   ...[Read More]
Love And Darker Passions
Love and Darker Passions is a collection of provocative short stories by today’s up-and-coming authors of dark, urban and Gothic fantasy. One man falls in love with an ancient monster, another becomes enchanted by a voice that drives him to a frenzy of self-punishment, and another can’t understand   ...[Read More]
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