A Listing of Supernatural/Horror Titles

Salem: 1691 - height of the famous Witch Trails. Innocent people are being executed for no reason. Elizabeth Burroughs, wife of the reverend George is one of them. But George isn’t so innocent. He too is caught and hung. But what was he doing before he was apprehended?  ...[Read More]
Captive's Curse
Walter and John had been friends in school, spending summers together at John’s family estate in the country. But as they grew older, they went their separate ways. Walter barely remembers John’s sisters as more than ‘a trio of dark-haired girls’. But when John frantically calls Walter and asks for   ...[Read More]
Casting Stones
In these fourteen tales, Erik Tomblin examines the darker landscapes in our lives, which we know exist, but refuse to explore for fear of the truth. From the classic question of a soul’s existence to an inter-dimensional, tragic love story, Casting Stones portrays the unexpected consequences of thos  ...[Read More]
Chilling Out
At the current temperature of seventy degrees, I figure my shelf-life is about half a day. Being a zombie certainly has its complications, but Paris is determined to survive. An old-fashioned remedy might hold the secret to her longevity. If only she can stay alive long enough   ...[Read More]
Cold Fear
On an isolated expanse of tundra near the tiny subarctic community of Churchill, Manitoba, an ancient evil has been awakened... and now it is ready to feed.  ...[Read More]
Confessions of a Ghoul and Other Stories
"I am recording: Tim Meadows here doing his thesis: The matrix of grave markers are neatly trimmed in the evanescent moonlight. Helixes of crickets surround the paddock of mist. Silent screams bob up from cavernous graves of the recent dead. The banks of mausoleums stand on the north end flanking  ...[Read More]
Coyote Crossing
Maria and two of her siblings flee Mexico for the United States, illegally by way of the Rio Grande. Guided by human "Coyotes", they discover that the grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence, especially when your powerful new employer harbors a dark secret within his heart.   ...[Read More]
Coyote Scare
There’s something strange about the beautiful coyote that starts roaming around the farm. Then it disappears for a while. When it returns, there’s something even stranger about it, and it’s not just its deteriorating appearance. Now it seems to be having an effect on Bob, one so horrible he will no   ...[Read More]
Cthulhu’s Bane
Jack always had the nightmare, but it seemed to be more frequent lately... he'd be a young boy again, standing in a shallow swimming pool. At the other end were his parents, proud and approving; he'd swim to the middle then find himself in the middle of the ocean... on other occasions he would find   ...[Read More]
Damned Grounds
On the remote grounds of an isolated Mississippi penitentiary, a long buried evil crawls towards the surface, the unbridled rage seething within it's rotted form matched only by the poisonous virus incubating inside it's surging veins.  ...[Read More]
Damned Nation
Amid the fury and chaos of the Civil War, something monstrous is feeding upon the wounded soldiers, leaving behind withered corpses broken and twisted in unimaginable agony. Definitely not the work of a vampire. U.S. Marshall John Sandersis ordered by President Lincoln to stop the hideous deaths. Ha  ...[Read More]
Dark Demons
Dark Demons: Tales of Obsession, Possession, and Unnatural Desire They are the places we refuse to visit, but can't help but feel drawn there.  They are the thoughts we avoid thinking, but in the end they take over our minds.  They are the desires that unknowing  ...[Read More]
Dark Lurkers
Throughout mankind's history, there has always been a fear of the dark and the strange. A terror of things which hide within shadows, and what may emerge from inside them... Perhaps another world brushes against our own, leaving a doorway open for something fantastic and malevolent to enter. Legenda  ...[Read More]
Dead Coyotes
Have you been terrified lately?Would you like to meet a shape-shifting coyote or a cannibalistic beetle? Or does the prospect of discovering a valuable Indian artifact intrigue you? Perhaps you?re more of the hunting type, or an adventurer of the mysterious and unknown.  ...[Read More]
Dead Run
When the dead rise they stop being nice. They’re not your friend. They’re not your relative, acquaintance, lover, neighbor, or that person who says hi to you at work. The dead have one desire; the blood of the living. They come in the night, and they don’t stop. Only the sun holds them back if you c  ...[Read More]
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