A Listing of Romance Titles

Still Waiting for the Sun
Who wouldn’t welcome the opportunity to do some things over with better results the second time around? College student Jane Whitley unexpectedly inherits a turn of the century old hotel that serves as a nursing home for the elderly residents of a hidden coastal town in North Carolina. She moves fro  ...[Read More]
Sweet Victory
Relish the Deception Tomorrow is the day for beginning a new career for Christina Lakely—the dream job. Confident and excited she is to embark upon the path to become a police officer. But as in all romantic situations for her, things do not go as she plans. She encounters a powerf  ...[Read More]
Teach Me to Love
Teach Me To Love is an early Victorian Novel. Underground radical reporter Darbee Donavon doesn?t mix with the upper crust. Things change when she intercepts a request by one of London’s most conservative old lords to have one Lord Ethan Darus Gray investigated.  ...[Read More]
The Burden
For Marduc, the love that he had for his mother was the only he had ever known, but her execution at the hands of the French monarchy was more than he could bear. His desire for revenge propels him into a world of passion, madness, brutality, witchcraft, and a deal with the Devil soon regretted.   ...[Read More]
The Crystalline Fire
Lormere Haleil wants to stay in her home village and nurture her healing gift in peace. Instead, her family’s ambition forces to her to enter the legendary House of Lohenrin for training. There she is plunged into a world of magic, competition and intrigue. The initiates of the House must learn t  ...[Read More]
The Deliberation Of Silence
Spencer Decker sets out on an extended ride so as to check on outlaw activity in the lands south of the Decker Ranch. When he encounters a woman leading a lame horse, Spencer finds that she is a lovely, intriguing young Gypsy named Domino. Domino invites the hard, tough fighting man to a large tre  ...[Read More]
The Edge Of The Sphere
Stephen’s quiet life is turned upside down when he experiences vivid dreams of a woman he’s never met. Liora, having grown tired of her forced isolation and servitude in the land of Marindal, uses the mystical sphere housed in her cellar to attempt to reach someone to help her break free. They meet   ...[Read More]
Brought together inside an average summer night, she pulled him in without realizing what would eventually come. College was of little importance to him, as adulthood and its life draining steps would ultimately destroy his inner spirit. She was awaiting the white picket fence of the All-American su  ...[Read More]
The Game We Play
Schoolteacher FAITH CODY thinks she has the perfect summer job as nanny to NICHOLAS PRICE's two visiting children, but the children are kidnapped, and she and Nick are compelled to join forces to steal the ransom -- documents incriminating vicious criminals.  ...[Read More]
The House of Pomegranates
A journey through Victorian London and an exploration of the human psyche when confronted by its own shadow, as experienced by Enid Thel, a parlour maid in the house of MP Quintin Brethren. Although Enid and the sinister Mr. Brethren soon become lovers, Enid has good reason to fear for both her own   ...[Read More]
All ballerina Tammy Wilde wants to do is escape her memories: of the automobile accident that caused the death of her dancing partner, the divorce from her celebrity-seeking husband, and the haunting dreams of star-crossed lovers from another Time. Traveling to Ireland, she meets and falls in love w  ...[Read More]
The Jessops
If you are in the mood for a good, old fashioned love story laced with some witty dialogue and a lot of passion, The Jessop’s is just what the doctor ordered!   ...[Read More]
The Lab Assistant
Dr. Cooper Corbis is a college professor and molecular biology researcher at a large Southern university. His days, split between teaching and working in his lab, allow little time for anything or anyone else. One day bleeds into the next, and Dr. Corbis remains lonely and jaded, until the day he me  ...[Read More]
John Leary of the NYPD Detective Squad is investigating the Noble Affair. His ex, Marcella, has been assigned the same case as a reporter for the Tribune. They both need information; so who’s using who?  ...[Read More]
The Speaker
She’s a native wonder worker. He’s white man fascinated with the histories and migrations of the First Nations. She can speak to animals. He can….not be touched by magic at all. Which is a good thing. Because an arrogant young mage with too much power for anybody’s good has just leveled his sights o  ...[Read More]
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