A Listing of Romance Titles

She’s the lovely young fortune teller who reads tarot cards at Wichita’s Scarlet Lady saloon. He’s a freelance gun with a chilling reputation. When Sparkle LaFleur asks Rafe Conley to pose as her husband one afternoon, she never imagines the seemingly harmless ruse might take on a life of its own..  ...[Read More]
In Honor Bound
Ariane, a Wallachian Healer forced to tend an ailing Turk, becomes enslaved when the vassals of the four noble brothers who rule the Dark Citadel storm the Turk’s stronghold. Lord Stephen purchases the virginal Healer, and consigns her to the care of two trainers themselves slaves. Her coldly pro  ...[Read More]
Widowed but ready to rebuild her life, Cynthia Barnett enters the kinky world of BDSM and finds wonders galore. Decidedly dominant, she easily attracts submissive men, but also encounters ups and downs in her newly chosen fresh start. She struggles to balance poignant reminders of her late husband  ...[Read More]
Inevitable Reckoning
Bartas, an Atlantean pilot crashes his air machine on the coast of Lemuria, a Utopian place of spiritual people believing in reincarnation. The inner continent is plagued by wild beasts causing the Lemurians to abandon their homes and go to live along the mountainous coast in dwellings built into th  ...[Read More]
Irish Magic
Abby buried her face in her hands. Why couldn’t she see the killer! She had the power to visualize every murder scene, even the details in the background. Yet every time the murderer’s face began to appear, the vision vanished. Abby’s clairvoyance was something she had always battled with and it was  ...[Read More]
Is Sex Just a Recreational Sport?
An ABM site (ca.1960) is idiotically placed smack in the middle of the Black Hand tribe’s sacred peyote field in Outer Montana. Captain Jerry Hire (a Wire Officer) mistakenly has been placed in command and must deal with all of the following: a semi-hostile Indian tribe, a frustrated crew of airmen  ...[Read More]
Jack Of All Trades
When Jack Bywater moves to the small town of Tolchester, he doesn’t expect to stay long. A curse is following him, and he doesn’t want to know what will happen if it catches up.  ...[Read More]
Lady in Waiting
Since her grandfather's death three years ago, Joanna Blake has been unable to leave her house. Every time she walks through a doorway, she walks into the past. As a result, she has become a sickly recluse. Concerned villagers send the new doctor to pay a house call on her. Sparks fly between the tw  ...[Read More]
Left Hand Of The Moon
Left Hand of the Moon is an American Romeo and Juliet story about doomed love between the very young. In the early 1800s, as the fledgling United States completes the Louisiana Purchase and marches troops through the newly acquired state, executing by firing squad the freed adult children of enslav  ...[Read More]
Lilith's Daughter
Iltani longs to help her goddess mother as much as she can. After all, it is her duty as a succubus and daughter of Lilith. But she has one shortcoming: she can’t come with a man unless she gets herself off. It’s been that way for millennia, and nothing is about to change now. Then she meets Jus  ...[Read More]
Ex-homicide sergeant Derek Logan is burned out – on police work, on women, on life. Then he is hired as helicopter pilot / bodyguard for a wealthy family in Panama. Sparks fly when he's forced to work with lovely, but abrasive police investigator Alejandra Valadez to combat a kidnap-for-ransom and d  ...[Read More]
Love Anthem
Megan Dunning and Amy Currie have been friends since they were college roommates. Beautiful Megan, who became the consort of a continuous string of rich men before marrying a man who has just died in his wrecked airplane, now meets and fascinates John Winekot III, who is tall, dark, rich and desira  ...[Read More]
Major “Storm” Stoner is part of a two-man Black Ops team sent to Black Bear Island to deal with a major crisis. Storm and Kellie Cromwell, a widow who lives alone on the island, reach lofty erotic heights before combat ensues and death swarms around them. Kellie finds pleasures both tender and tor  ...[Read More]
Rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief, Forger, drunkard, burners, and cheats?.   ...[Read More]
Margaret’s Diary
Kevin, an aspiring author who works as a mover of furniture, finds the diary of Margaret, a widow who died at age ninety with no surviving family. On seeing Margaret’s youthful-appearing ghost, Kevin manages to quell his fear when he realizes that the sexy apparition means him no harm. He quickly di  ...[Read More]
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