A Listing of Romance Titles

ENDOXI - all is well in Greek - chronicles a love between an American man and a beguiling Greek woman that spans several tumultuous decades. The story of ineffable longing begins in Greece in 1974 when Nick Flannigan visits Skopelos, where his grandmother was born. It is in during a taverna brawl wh  ...[Read More]
Eternal Lust
Mike Solomon is a struggling young musician with dreams of rock stardom. When his band is hired to play a college party he meets a woman who quite literally changes his life.   ...[Read More]
Eternal Triangle
Manuel González meets an intriguing divorcée when his vehicle collides with a moose. Invited to take shelter from a blizzard by Alison Haldane, a self-reliant ranchwoman, Manuel performs a service that his hostess regards as the saving of her life. Impressed by this personable, courageous ranchwo  ...[Read More]
After a horrific car accident Sandy Logan finds herself trapped in limbo with only one way out.  ...[Read More]
Evolution of an Affair
A self-reliant Westerner meets an intriguing stranger who radiates an aura of danger. Seduced into becoming Julian’s mistress, Mercedes discovers that he intuitively divines her need for pain inflicted by an expert master. Sensing that Julian understands her as no one ever has, cognizant that thi  ...[Read More]
Exposure tells the story of Dante Addison, a shy academic, and Giulia, a bold, sexy artist and model. Dante falls in love with Giulia when he is a graduate student, after she asks him to pose as the nude model for her photography class. She breaks his heart, and his unrequited love for her changes h  ...[Read More]
John Stratford, CEO of a profitable company, glimpses a strikingly beautiful young woman one morning through the closing door of an elevator. Having become enamored of the lovely girl, John haunts the lobby for weeks, hoping to see her once again. On discovering that Rachel Kahler works in a word   ...[Read More]
Flight of the Gryphon
Katera would rather die than allow the Elders to present her at the altar of Kopa Na An. Her twin sister, Adrella, never returned after her summons to the altar, and Katera is tortured by the memory of her sister’s sacrifice. Intent on escaping a similar fate and craving an end to her suffering u  ...[Read More]
Friends And Lovers
A chance encounter between Cassidy Maxwell, a personable, serenely self-sufficient widow seeking a new life in a warmer part of the country, and a grizzled rancher who advises her to take a pasear through a unique community in the Southwest called the Valley, leads to Cassidy’s buying a house there.  ...[Read More]
Future Love Story
Imagine a scenario where you’re so heartbroken that you move to another planet ... have your memories erased ... and get engaged to a stranger you’ve never even met.  Is it possible that the faint flicker of warmth you feel toward a random face in the crowd is in reality an echo of love past  ...[Read More]
Gabrielle’s Awakening
Gabrielle, an affectionate but sexually inexperienced author/historian, turns for emotional support to her late husband’s closest friend, a courtly cosmopolite who radiates masculine appeal. When Michael reveals that he desires a slave willing to exist solely for his pleasure, his shocking invita  ...[Read More]
Girl Meets Bayou
There it something predictable about the natural attraction of opposites to each other. So, someone as educated as urban environmentalist Melissa Warner should have seen it coming a mile away. But blinded by her ambition and logic she plunges into a whirlwind of unexpected and conflicting emotions.  ...[Read More]
Hell’s Belle
Del Mitchell is a horse rancher in Wadsworth, Nevada. He's also known as a man who never turns down a dare, no matter how brash or outrageous. Twila Bell is rumored to be a harbinger of disaster. Town gossips says she's accident-prone, maybe even a spell-casting witch. Her own kin call her the Bell   ...[Read More]
Honeymoon For One
Abby finally gets her dream wedding and honeymoon. The tropical resort is stunning, everything she hoped for. But her carefully laid plans go terribly wrong when she’s abandoned at the altar, leaving her stranded in paradise with sexy best man, Dorian. But when Dorian turns out to be not what she ex  ...[Read More]
Travis Conley has had to cope with the fallout of his older brother’s dangerous bounty hunter profession. Unlike Rafe, Travis has no interest in deliberately seeking out danger and excitement. Travis has roots—running his own cattle spread, courting a steady gal, his personal future all mapped out.   ...[Read More]
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