A Listing of Romance Titles

The Storm of Love
  ...[Read More]
The Ticket
The Ticket is a story about love and renewal of the human soul. It follows the lives of two very different people drawn together by a special love that transforms them and forges a bond that would last beyond life itself.  ...[Read More]
The Train Ride Home
Pete Jones has no clue the masked woman, who haunts his dreams is real, not until a family tragedy strikes, and he is chased through a green mist onto a supernatural train. He takes a terrifying train ride to an ice-age world full of prehistoric creatures, medieval kingdoms, magical swords, and mons  ...[Read More]
The Vampire Next Door
Rudi Alexandrov wasn’t happy to discover his solicitor had sold off the carriage house, especially when his new neighbor disturbed his rest. Worse, when Tori Mahoney popped up on his back doorstep and discovered he was a vampire, he found out something even more unsettling about her--he couldn’t mes  ...[Read More]
The Ways of Love
Throughout his early life, Art Shore did what he felt he was supposed to do—be a model student, work in the family business, and be a part of a very loving family. But now, there is one secret he keeps from his relatives: an activity that started as a weekend diversion but is now a full-time occupa  ...[Read More]
Three Kingdoms
In a distant medieval land, a lascivious, evil faerie Princess plots to gain the throne of the human kingdom. Fate decrees that two faerie soul mates must change the destiny of the three kingdoms. Obeying the decree, Ellewyn lies with a mortal king and becomes pregnant with his child. Tragically,  ...[Read More]
To Sleep With Aphrodite
The protagonist, a popular novelist, is preparing to travel to Athens to promote his new book, when he finds himself irresistibly drawn to his Greek Internet travel consultant, Cytherea. Despite her "faceless" identity, he falls deeply in love with her, and imagines that she may in fact be his life'  ...[Read More]
Transexual Anthology
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the other sex? What problems do they face, what pleasures can they experience? The Transexual Anthology may help you find the answers. This collection of stories by renowned authors in the field include Darrell Bain and Jeanine Berry, Diana Hignutt,  ...[Read More]
Have you ever wanted to walk away from your life and start fresh? A widow changes her lifestyle by living aboard and learning to sail a boat on Lake Michigan. While she builds self-reliance and confidence, an irresistible sailor falls in love with her, and together they learn to trust each other.  ...[Read More]
Twilight’s Princess
The saga continues, sequel to WolfHeart. Kings, Lords, and generals are winding up dead, all from the same cause. When Lord Zodiac and one of his wives are found dead, Samantha discovers that a clever assassin is at work. Being young and full of raging hormones, she is no  ...[Read More]
Tyrone Jones, a twenty-eight-year-old black man who lives in West London, is good-looking, ambitious and very independent. In Tyrone’s view, life is great. All he now desires is the perfect woman by his side. His libido comes into conflict with his heart and head when he meets Saffron, a sexy, li  ...[Read More]
Fate has a gun aimed at the hearts of Joy Gambini and Dante D’Angelo. If a happily-ever-after exists for either of them it won’t be found in their undercover assignments.  ...[Read More]
There could be no unlikelier pair of amateur sleuths than Greta Roscoe and the Reverend Aaron Shane. Not because Greta is the most elegant courtesan of St. Louis’s high society during the Gay 1890’s, and Aaron the city’s most self-righteous minister. It’s because they?re dead.   ...[Read More]
When Lightning Flashed
When Lightning Flashed...a heroic tale of love, honor, and destiny across worlds.  ...[Read More]
Where Love Lives
Alison Devaine is one hundred pounds of gorgeous, red-haired woman, full of spunky charm and the endless energy men find irresistible. Engaged to be married, she decides that she does not love her fiancé, and plans to tell him so once she wins the air race for female pilots in which she is schedule  ...[Read More]
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