A Listing of Mystery Titles

Rural Sprawl
Something smells in the rural backwater of Plattsford, Ontario.... besides Gloria Trevisi’s septic bed, that is. A local politician-turned-developer is found dead in his own future industrial park. As editor of Plattsford’s local paper, Gloria’s mission is to sort through a maze of local gossip,   ...[Read More]
Scarlet Woman
An eerie tale about an unsolved murder, and an unlikely killer who strikes again and again…  ...[Read More]
Sleight of Mind
While working a smuggling case for Astute Investigations, Denver detective Wil Bregon is drawn to San Francisco’s rollicking Barbary Coast. Formerly an Eastern lawyer and experienced gun for hire, Wil’s not daunted by outlaws and ruffians or prowling foggy dockside taverns. But he isn?t prepared for  ...[Read More]
Sticks and Stones
There are whispers of slain men and of bodies being discovered all around the Saint Louis area of the 1920s. In Grantsville a gangster turns his eyes on a vibrant eighteen-year-old named Gloriana Fuller. Jack Diamond dresses like the movie star, Rudolph Valentino. His automobile is long and sleek  ...[Read More]
Suitable Fate
Talk about danger on your doorstep…a mysterious victim in a familiar suit has just paid Gloria a visit, and died. With the corpse on a slab and crucial evidence bagged and labeled, police already have their chief suspect in their sights: Tony Lambert, Gloria’s husband.  ...[Read More]
The Book Collector
Blowing the whistle on one of the biggest food manufacturers carries a risk. Charles Turcott may have understood that he was taking a chance but the intentional use of unhealthy and adulterated food was endangering thousands of people throughout the world. He couldn?t just stand by and wait for peop  ...[Read More]
The Conspiracy of Silence
Imagine a nation engulfed in a steamy, seductive scandal, when a mysterious corpse found inside a rented Cadillac in an obscure park in Southern California turns out to be Susan Whitaker, the flamboyant wife of the governor of California. A dazzlingly intricate shuffle of accumulating le  ...[Read More]
The Devil in Maryvale
THE DEVIL IN MARYVALE, Jackie Griffey’s new book, is now out. It is the first of a cozy mystery series set in fictional Pine County, Tenessee. This series incorporates the gifted with the population of Maryvale and Pine county. The first of them in THE DEVIL IN MARYVALE is a psychic; the sec  ...[Read More]
The Disappearance Enigma
When many Americans prominent in the fields of science, math or technology mysteriously vanish, two NSA agents, Ruthanne Carter and Larry Tracker, investigate the disappearances. They conclude that an alien “Entity” is abducting persons with certain abilities and transporting them to a parallel uni  ...[Read More]
The Disappearing Girls
Girls and young women are disappearing without a trace, without a clue. No bodies are ever found.  ...[Read More]
The Fenian Messenger
Georgina buys a beautiful figurine at an action and discovers that it is much older than she thought. Her mother uses her contacts and finds that the figurine of a beautiful Irish Colleen is called The Fenian Messenger.Learn about the attempt of Irish rebels and veterans of the American Civil War as  ...[Read More]
The God of Six Points
An old man thinks he is a god. And than he has murdered one of his subjects.   ...[Read More]
The Hatch and Brood of Time
Natalie Joday, a newspaper reporter with a knack for getting at the facts, is pulled into a murder investigation by a tormented young woman's cry for help. But her compassion turns to fear when she discovers her brother, always a magnet for trouble, is somehow involved. A lifetime of painful run-ins  ...[Read More]
The Jessops
If you are in the mood for a good, old fashioned love story laced with some witty dialogue and a lot of passion, The Jessop’s is just what the doctor ordered!   ...[Read More]
The Key with the Curse
Finding a key leads two brothers into finding a cave that holds a terrible secret. Within the hidden chambers lies a golden sarcophagus. In the coffin is an insane pharaoh suspended in sleep for centuries and who is waiting for his trusted follower to insert the special necklace that will awaken him  ...[Read More]
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