A Listing of Mystery Titles

Grievous Bodily Litter
So this here was Frank and me's first slap of some action - the first chance we had of really getting ourselves fogged up. And it all seemed like one of those open-and-shut deals to me, but not Frank: a missing glass tycoon, a sexy dame with a psycho dog, an ogre, a shady street thug with a stink  ...[Read More]
Al washed up in a remote area of a relatively unknown beach which lay on the central coast of California. Early morning surfing aficionados revived the man, who instantly attacked them for their trouble. Defying his condition, he shook his rescuers off like fleas and babbled an insanely viole  ...[Read More]
Hope, The Missing Homing Pigeon
It produced the loudest sound ever heard in man’s recorded history. The eruption in 1883 on the island of Krakatoa was not only heard but its effects were felt halfway around the world as tides were affected. Over 36,000 people were killed. Discover a mystery where Michael Small becomes involved in   ...[Read More]
Travis Conley has had to cope with the fallout of his older brother’s dangerous bounty hunter profession. Unlike Rafe, Travis has no interest in deliberately seeking out danger and excitement. Travis has roots—running his own cattle spread, courting a steady gal, his personal future all mapped out.   ...[Read More]
Irish Magic
Abby buried her face in her hands. Why couldn’t she see the killer! She had the power to visualize every murder scene, even the details in the background. Yet every time the murderer’s face began to appear, the vision vanished. Abby’s clairvoyance was something she had always battled with and it was  ...[Read More]
Karma, The Eastern Cougar
Karma a regal, queen like cougar holds within her realm a secret that has mystified aviation historians for 75 years. What happened to a German Princess who dared to challenge the wide Atlantic when flying was in its infancy? Michael and his sister Georgina discover in New Brunswick something that w  ...[Read More]
Meghan And The Mustang
Meghan once thought going to the Griffen Riding Academy would be a highlight of her life, but when she failed to make the cut she was devastated. The arrival of a letter with the logo of the Spruce Meadow Young Adult Riding School on it with its invitation for Meghan to attend in the last week of Au  ...[Read More]
Michael and the Minke Whale
Michael Small received an invitation from Victoria Windemere, an archaeologist he helped in her work in the Yucatan peninsula and the discovery of Roman artifacts in North America before the time of the Aztecs. His new hobby scuba diving lets Dr. Windemere hire him as an apprentice diver on site in   ...[Read More]
Monsters in our Midst
MONSTERS IN OUR MIDST is a chilling tale with a shocking conclusion, about the strange disappearance of a child... A schoolboy hurried along narrow deserted streets clutching a satchel of books under his arm. The murky winter twilight gathered stealthily around him. As he passed by the corner grocer  ...[Read More]
Most Valuable Victim
There’s a murdered woman in the washroom, a collapsed roof on the Plattsford Arena, and crime in the woods; not the best time for Gloria’s mother-in-law to visit…   ...[Read More]
Muddied Waters
Rumored graft and bribery in township business should have left a certain municipal official wealthy, and an ideal target for murder. So why was he dead and broke? Newspaper editor Gloria Trevisi must find out, before one of her houseguests is arrested…or killed. The Plattsford Sun has all the news   ...[Read More]
Murder by Art
It’s 2060. In Backstreet Records, a brooding audiophile thinks murder. Upstairs at Studio4Ward where skulls, dreams and beer cans are the stuff of art, 300 pounds of human sculpture dangles dead from the wall.   ...[Read More]
On the Edge
In these five stories you will meet Keith Richardson, a former Police Officer turned Private Investigator. He changed professions abruptly after his partner and best friend was shot in the line of duty. He blames himself. You will learn about his strengths and weaknesses. You may forgive him, althou  ...[Read More]
A woman is haunted by a dreadful secret, poisoned preserves are killing the locals, and Gloria Trevisi must choose between duty and friendship.  ...[Read More]
When Mark and Alice decide to install a program of their own devising into the only quantum computer in the world, wildly unintended consequences occur. The computer not only becomes self-aware, but the new program produces an unchangeable core directive which impels it to protect Mark and Alice as   ...[Read More]
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