A Listing of Fantasy/SF Titles

A Mother’s Right
In a future world where humans are in danger of extinction, the US government is taking desperate measures to preserve a declining population caused by decades of climate change and destruction to the environment. Weather related catastrophes are a common place and coastal cities are under water; p  ...[Read More]
A Pinata For Juanita
Shard: v. To switch personas. Once a mind has been riped (wiped and rewritten), the previously used portion is closed off and an artificial psychic barrier is raised. Although highly unlikely, the barrier can be breached, and the closed off persona - even the original one -  ...[Read More]
A Prince In Need
When past sins bleed into the present, and the victims seek vengeance upon the perpetrators, how long is it before far enough becomes too far?  ...[Read More]
A Shadow of Light
WHERE THE REALM OF THE TUATHA DE DANAAN ENDS, THE RATH HAVEN CHRONICLES BEGIN. Where do they come from, the makers of legend, those larger than life leaders of men like Alexander the Great, Arthur, Caesar and Napoleon?   ...[Read More]
A Simple Idea
Take something that’s been around for thousands of years. Mix it with a little future technology. Give it time to spread, and a system of government comes into being that is better than anything ever thought of before. And it was such a simple idea.   ...[Read More]
A Souvenir From Elanthia
The Hub was where all the knowledge of the Inner Planets was stored and Robyn had spent half her life inputting information into its electronic data banks. The Hub was infallible, everyone knew that. It never made mistakes and always told the truth. Or, at least, that’s what Robyn believe  ...[Read More]
A Stake In Murder
Sebastian Hemlock had once been a respected news reporter. "Mister News" is what they used to call him. If there was a story to be found out, he usually was the one who uncovered it. That was until Phoenix, Arizona. In 1991 the police were working on a series of murders. The victims were   ...[Read More]
A Storm Upon Ulster
Out if the grey mists of an Irish dawn, a woman of the Sidhe whispered to the champion Cuchulain of a great adventure…of a majestic queen of flaming red-gold hair…of dew-drenched meadows where war chariots prepared for battle…of obscene incantations chanted by the evil druid Calatin to turn the blac  ...[Read More]
A Stranger to Veloris Cometh
Princess Zo? has been ordered by her father to marry Prince Evon of Saturn Four, a cruel man whose ego is as large as his family’s royal chest. But when a stranger arrives on Veloris, the Ice Planet, from its neighboring sister planet of Veloris Three, the castle and its inhabitants will never be th  ...[Read More]
A Time of Destinies
A Time of Destinies - Elgard [The First Book in the Destinies Trilogy] It is a time of destiny in the lands around the Vall'nar Sea. The old gods, long abandoned and forgotten, are awakened, and seek to settle old scores and draw the tribes of mankind into a bloody de  ...[Read More]
A Touch Of Fire
At sixteen, Tamya is forced by her father to marry a wealthy older man. On her wedding night she resists her husband and is viciously beaten ... then watches in shock as he bursts into flames and burns to death before her eyes.  ...[Read More]
A Whisper From Shadow
In old Mexico the gods were real, or so it was believed ... and they left a terrible heritage. Working on a remote dig, archaeologist Lauren Hopkins discovers an extraterrestrial craft buried in an ancient Mayan pyramid. Instead of being a boon to mankind, the discovery triggers a global confrontati  ...[Read More]
A World Lost, A World Gained
Read all three books of this unusual saga of alternate earths, written in Darrell Bain’s own inimitable style that his fans have come to love.  ...[Read More]
Adornments of Glory
The Compact ending the "Atlantis thing" prohibited Diluvian interference on Terra. But treaties are made to be broken and, from the beginning, some Diluvians meddled. Others were assigned to observe and, occasionally, report back.  ...[Read More]
Advice From Pigeons
Some jobs are more trouble than they’re worth ...  ...[Read More]
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