Zachary Kane

Zachary Kane is a retired engineer and commercial pilot. In performing his engineering and related duties he has traveled throughout the United States and has visited Canada, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, Europe, and the Middle East.

Kane has also provided editorial services to industry, a literary agency, a science fiction/fantasy magazine publisher, and private individuals.

His novel, The Other Side of Infinity, coauthored by Erin Michael Storm, reflects his belief that the technology of subatomic conversion and replication lies in humanity’s future, ?given a very low probability that humanity will survive itself,? he adds.

His published articles, commentary, essays and short stories occupy a wide spectrum of thought. Included are hard science, science fiction, fantasy, horror, humor, and very caustic reflections on the human condition. ?I can?t help it; I?m somewhat of a cynic,? he muses. ?I?ve seen far too much not to be.?

Kane resides with his three cats in South Boston, Virginia.

Zachary Kane can be contacted at:

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