William W. Koonce

Hello to everyone. Let’s not make this initial introduction impersonal. My name is William W. Koonce, but most people call me Billy. I am a father of six, and husband to Susan. I received my B.S. from Southern Illinois University, and my MA from Bellevue University. Like most of you, I strive to find balance between doing what I like and doing what I must. Fortunately, I feel I must write and I like doing it. What a stroke of luck!

Soul Redeemer: Tall Man in a Hat is my first novel. I have started on my second novel in what I affectionately call the Soul Redeemer Series.

Come and join Father Daniel, a man of diminutive stature with the most important job on earth. Pulled from retirement at an age when other Soul Redeemers are either dead or to feeble to execute their calling, he accepts one more assignment to redeem a soul. When he teams up with a close nit group of scientists working on a top-secret government experiment, a mix between both the spiritual and technical takes place, sending Father Daniel to the ends of the world and to the very depths of hell.

Visit me at www.wildkite.com to discuss your thoughts on the Soul Redeemer series.

Titles Available from William W. Koonce

Father Daniel travels half the world to meet a woman who is not what she seems. It isn?t until he starts running from the law that he realizes this latest assignment to redeem a soul may be the most unusual of his career--another episode in the Soul Redeemer Series. Join Father Daniel (from Tall Man in the Hat) as he works against time and the authorities to bring a soul back into the fold of God.

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