Will Buster

Will Buster has been a very successful author of erotic fiction in the electronic publishing realm. His stories cover several historic periods from ancient Rome to the modern era and even into the future. His favorite era is the English Norman period. He has written five novels that pay tribute to that robust time in English history.

In addition, Will has delved into the fantastic, writing futuristic novels along with the occasional mystery. Each book is highlighted with powerful, erotic scenes which add a colorful zest to his varied characterizations. Will has been actively writing since 2004, and he plans to continue producing new, exciting works of fiction for his faithful fans.

Titles Available from Will Buster

Roger Hallworth is indeed reborn in a most unusual way. Fred Krueger collapses at a wild millennium party. He somehow gets transported to a rustic English town in the year 1788. Fred must adjust extremely quickly to a household and a family he has never known. Scrutinized by his newfound saucy sister and grim father, he must attempt to blend in. Large gambling debts, previously incurred by the Roger he replaced, place an immediate rift between this new Roger and his well-to-do parent. If that isn’t enough, a local lord pesters him with a request that they meet on the field of honor. As the plot thickens, Nora, a local diva, has no difficulty in tempting him into her bed for many delightful encounters, while another woman, Katherine, is drawn to him through love and not just lust. Will Roger, the man once known as Fred Krueger, be able to survive this strange new world? Will he succumb to Nora’s enchanting but frivolous seductions, or will he find a true soul mate in the very homely Katherine? What effect will a terrible outbreak of spotted fever have on his life? Will Fred ever return to the year 2000?
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