Virginia Chandler

Virginia Chandler is the fantasy pen name of Ginger Wages, who is a Georgia native, but being an Air Force brat, she lived in other US locations, primarily in the Southern US. Reading was a much loved activity in her home growing up, and there was much joy when she was finally able to join the other family members in quiet afternoons lost in the solace of words and imagination. Ginger graduated from the University of Georgia in 1993 with a BSED; she also studied Medieval literature and history at Jesus College of Oxford University through the UGA at Oxford program.

Ginger lives in a small town just outside of Atlanta with her cats, books, collectibles, and assorted toys. She enjoys traveling, reading, movies, and video games.

Ginger on the origins of the The Last Dragon of the North

I read everything that my older brother, Tony, read and lucky for me, he had excellent taste! I was second or third in line to read his books, but through him I was introduced to the Masters of Science Fiction and Fantasy: Asimov, Clarke, Heinlein, Burroughs, and my personal icon, JRR Tolkien. Through Tolkien I developed a love for Anglo Saxon literature including, of course, the Medieval text, Beowulf.

When Tony and I first discussed writing a story together way back in 1992, we knew that it had to be about dragons. Not a fluffy dragon that turns good, not an evil dragon that hunts a particular warrior, not even a dragon that steals damsels and holds them in towers -- we did not want a fairy tale. In fact, we really didn’t want to write a "fantasy" as we both agreed that neither magic nor wizards would manifest in our dragon story. We wanted our dragons to be nocturnal predators who were very much like great white sharks in their hunting and temperament. We wanted a dirty, gritty 4th or 5th century setting where the last dragons still hunted, and those that hunted them had to be made of steel courage much like the great Beowulf and Sigurd.

Titles Available from Virginia Chandler

"A hard hitting adventure! One rousing dragon-fighting story, with a thin slice of romance along the way." -- Piers Anthony
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