Tina Morgan

At the age of four, Tina’s mother recorded her telling a story of an unfortunate princess. Her love of storytelling has not diminished with time and Tina takes great pleasure in creating fantasy worlds and life-like characters.

She’s the mother of three children, one with special needs. Other than writing, she enjoys working in her flowerbeds, attending renaissance festivals and sewing costumes. She also admits to being a geek in training. ;o)

The managing editor for Fiction Factor, http://www.fictionfactor.com, and editor-in-chief of The Fractured Publisher, http://www.fracturedpublisher.com, Tina enjoys researching and learning more about the art and business of writing. She’s a contributing author to THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO WRITING FANTASY, and THE COMPANION GUIDE TO WRITING FANTASY currently available with Dragon Moon Press. She’s also contributed to THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO WRITING SCIENCE FICTION, which will be available in 2007 and features chapters from Piers Anthony and Orson Scott Card. Her short story, "No Time for Dragons" will appear in FIRESTORM OF DRAGONS also available in 2008.

Her personal website can be viewed at: www.stygianwritings.com

Titles Available from Tina Morgan

There are souls so sinister and bleak that good fears to look within but perhaps if we venture deep enough, we will discover more than just pain. Come, journey with us through that darkness to find what lies within those Stygian Souls.

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