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Garry Nurrish is publisher/assistant editor/webmaster of the online magazine Redsine. He is originally from Birmingham, England, but now lives in Sydney, Australia, with his wife (Kylie) and son (Jack). In his spare time he creates websites for authors, writes (badly), and plays guitar (very badly). Garry can be contacted at

Mark Roberts is a fake. A charlatan. A man of little talent, who conspires in dark corners with unseemly forces, in the hopeless attempt to leave anything of value on this planet. He, himself, is nothing more than dust. He writes, he draws. Uh, Mark Roberts is a father and a husband. No longer a twenty-something, he lives in north west Kent (where there is an on-going anaconda problem) and earns his living as creative director of Chimeric, a creative media consultancy specialising in bringing together traditional and digital design and illustration.

MFKorn wrote eleven novels/novellas. He has about 135 story credits worldwide. He has a piano degree but has cauterized stumps for hands. Seriously, he programs for a living which he despises. Pays the rent to keep the wolves from the hovel.

Hertzan Chimera is the author of the psycho-erotic novels Red Hedz (1990), Szmonhfu (2001) and United States (2003) and the collections Animal Instincts (2003) and BoyFistGirlSuck (2003).

I am Des, a cross to share with df lewis yet I feel wordhunger is better than being stuffed full. Born 1948, been in many things, hope to be in many more. My profession used to be negotiating, running, selling company pension schemes. I met many people around boardroom tables and told them stories and they believed them and now I write better stories and still nobody believes them. I have two children that have grown up and a marriage of thirty odd years standing. And now I've said the words I'm empty again and want to cannibalise the 1300 odd stories I've had published since 1986 and mince them up and make them into rissoles.

David-John Tyrer edits Monomyth and AWEN. He has poetry, prose and articles published in a number of zines such as dfnl, SAWR, Unhinged, Garbaj, Voyage and Penny Dreadful, among others. His hobbies include roleplaying, theology and genealogy. He lives in Southend-on-Sea in the UK.

Christopher Teague is a database clerk. He has had very very little published (probably because he can't be arsed too submit, but he has prepositioned a publisher with a novella idea, and awaiting their decision...) He has edited two horror anthologies - Nasty Snips and Tourniquet Heart (out now from Prime) - along with an sf collection: Shenanigans. He would like, one day, to give up the rat race, but the chances of that happening are the same as Uncle Bulgaria coming out of the closet. Spam mail to:

Jeff Vandermeer has published work extensively in the U.S. and U.K. His novella "Transformation of Martin Lake" is a finalist for the 2000 World Fantasy Award and a collection of his work, The City of Saints & Madmen: The Book of Ambergris, is out now from Prime.

Daniel Antil was born the second son in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, in the winter of 1962. Growing up brought many changes, moving from town to town, then settling with my family in St. Louis, Missouri, where I attended a parochial school - much to my disdain. My first writing endeavor was a poem, written at the age of seven, and published in a local journal. During my childhood, I spent many long hours alone in my room, reading Shakespeare, Poe, Kafka, and Tolkein. I believe that much of my writing style is heavily influenced by those four. I have been published in various rags and local periodicals. A current project I have been working on for two years thus far is a fantasy trilogy, consisting of three epic novels tied together by a continuing theme. The first one is partially completed.

Dawn Andrews is an artist and a poet. This is all that is known about her. Her mode of life is complicated and possible a criminal offense, and looking deep into her eyes you believe her. She occasionally sells paintings and objects to mad people, and has had work, visual and written, published in experimental (i.e. seldom seen in daylight or indeed any light) small press magazines in Britain and America. Fiction is a comparatively new arena for her, and she is presently wrestling with various stories that refuse to stick to one shape, that keep growing extra wings, eyes and appendages...

Trevor Conn is a Senior Programmer at an established online job board, and has been programming sites for the internet for 5+ years. This after a short but enthusuastic attempt at making a living playing rock and roll. How one goes from a Religion degree to the Internet is a mystery. Anyway, he's written several short stories (none published) and LOTS of song lyrics, but output is sporadic. Oh yes, lest we forget, he's a tremendous GWAR fan.

David Mathew was born to the north of London and returned to the general area after working abroad in Egypt and Poland. He is a teacher of English, a freelance journalist and a peripatetic copyeditor. His stories appear with the frequency of blue moons, and the novel he is working on looks set to move even slower.

Alex Severin is a writer, editor, and Hell-bound blasphemer, apparently. Born and raised in the North East of Scotland, she writes screenplays, short stories and is close to completing her first novel. Web credits include Short, Scary Tales, Death Grip, Suspect Thoughts, Bleeding Minds, House of Pain and Ophelia's Muse, to name a few. Her short stories The Surrogate, Bad Habit and Inside You have been recommended for the HWA Bram Stoker Awards.

Robin Gilbert has been an amateur surfer for twenty years, a professional computer games designer and programmer for fifteen, and an unpublished writer for ten, which ended last November with a credit in Hidden Corners (and another soon...) - and he's been acting strangely ever since. He is soon to become a first-time father, when, he says, "the newly birthed, shite generation machine will reduce his relative importance in the household to one notch below the cat. (We're currently on even par.)"

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