Terry Schurter

For over ten years I have taken on the ownership of writing and communications in the positions I have held due to my skill in this area. It just seems to be my ticket.

As these things seem to go, my writing and communication skills dragged me into technical writing (I wrote the majority of the Xfactory User Guide by myself) and developing procedures/training programs.

But I don't mind. I like to write, to take a thought, idea or concept and craft the words necessary to deliver the message to the target audience. Professional writing is a skill and an art - one that I am quite good at - and that I like.
Unlike many writers, I enjoy the challenge of writing across a diverse range of markets, materials and styles. From Direct Marketing to Technical Design documents to abstract, surreal poetry, I love it all.

In fact, the common denominator is the challenge of delivering the essence of the message regardless of whether it is instructional, entertaining, educational or promotional. Language is a powerful toolset, an arsenal to be drawn on to reach and communicate virtually any message to any audience. The art, which is what makes me tick, is in understanding the message, purpose and audience for a given task then crafting a work that cleanly, clearly, and distinctly produces the desired communication.

And that is what I do.

Titles Available from Terry Schurter

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