Susan Spier Krauss

Susan Krauss lives in Mount Vernon, New York, with her husband, two sons, and five cats. She has always loved the world of fantasy. As children, she and her brother created elaborate worlds, acting out adventures for the many characters they developed. She credits her love of writing to her mom’s wonderful storytelling skills.

When she’s not writing, Susan enjoys spending time with family, bike riding, playing guitar, and any art project. She is at work on her next novel and a book of poetry for teens.

Titles Available from Susan Spier Krauss

When Robin accepts a mysterious alien’s offer to travel to a planet light years from her own, the lonely teen embarks on a journey that will change her life. But Robin’s new home is not the paradise promised. She is immediately enslaved by a race of evolved insects known as Biligog. In this harsh wasteland Robin makes her first true friend in Lim, a fellow captive who will die if he isn’t returned to his native soil. With the unlikely help of the Biligog King, the three set off on a dangerous trek for Lim’s peaceful, fertile home. But the tranquil haven is far from safe while Aronekc, an omnipotent monster who hears the thoughts of all beings with the exception of Robin, threatens the world. Will she find the courage to confront him and face her darkest fears?

Robin will learn some hard truths about monsters, friendship, love, and forgiveness as she discovers her humanity light years from Earth.
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