Susan Greene

Susan Greene
PBS-Houston Public Television calls Susan Greene the Communication Expert. PBS aired Working Relationships with Susan Greene call-in TV talk show segment over 50 times.
According to a PBS special on Susan, the entrepreneur, she followed her dream when she created The Corporate Renewal Center in Round Top, Texas where she takes executives on retreat.

In 1986, Susan Greene founded Greene Alliances, Inc. She is a Catalyst. Recognized as a master facilitator, author, speaker, executive coach, TV personality, consultant, and mediator. Al Whiting, CEO, says, ?I felt like I really connected with you. You are very skilled and knowledgeable and the result is you are effective. I am sure that many people share my feelings about you and the benefits that have resulted in their lives.? One CEO reported, ?After two years in anger management I learned how to get in touch with my feelings, but I was still angry. Today for the first time I know how to fix it!?

As an astute observer of human behavior, Greene's work is constantly evolving. She is currently working on her next two books. One on relationships: Takes Two To Tango. The second book is about going deeper into candor and move out of conflict. Her books are filled with tools you can use now backed by her client’s intimate stories that demonstrate how these tools made an impact on their lives.

Susan’s vision is to be able to have her workshops, books and videos available to a large diverse population. In January 2001, Dr. Renata Viglioni from Argentina joined Greene Alliances, Inc. to expand the organization into South America as well as the Spanish speaking American community.

Greene learned from her mother the value of serving your community. Susan donates her gifts and time working with the youth through Rotary. Rotary International bestowed her with a Paul Harris Fellow. Ten percent of the proceeds of her books and videos as well as her son’s children’s book: Sam’s Anger Shield is gifted to charities that help abused children live healthier, happier lives.

Susan and her son, Sam, live in Houston, Texas when they aren?t playing in Round Top.

Titles Available from Susan Greene

Finally, there is a book that tells you how to handle the toughest problem in our organizations, homes and sports today - how to talk to someone when you are irritated, angry or hurt. Did you know when you are upset you disconnect from that part of the brain where you effectively solve problems? You can't think straight. According to The Most Important Conversation Is the One You're Not Having the tool Report Report Report allows you to quickly gain control and get your power back.
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