Stuart Sharp

Born in 1980, and having graduated from the University of Hull knowing rather more about dead people than he ever wanted to, Stuart Sharp is a writer and historian based in East Yorkshire, UK. Much of his time is still spent trying to translate old charters with the aid of a Latin dictionary, a magnifying glass, and a considerable amount of swearing, but, having decided that facts about the past are infinitely less interesting than things that can be made up, he has also turned his attention to fantasy.

His poems and short stories have appeared in a number of magazines covering everything from alternate creation myths for the world to exactly what an evil overlord should do when their horde goes on strike. His articles have tended to at least attempt seriousness, covering such things as the therapeutic uses of writing and the exact connections between the medieval churches of Beverley, Ripon and Southwell. He has written regular articles for webzine, and maintains a regular blog over at, covering whatever happens to spring to mind. Often this turns out to be utter nonsense.

His hobbies include both fencing and cricket, which perhaps suggests the life-goal of creating the maximum possible amount of white laundry, and has a pair of cats. Neither of them pays much attention to anything he does, unless it is to open the fridge. But then, they are cats.

Titles Available from Stuart Sharp

Stephen Neilson, shape-shifter and Tracker, polices the hidden supernatural world. Sometimes, his job makes him think he’s little more than a paid killer. This belief is tested to the limit when Miranda Winter arrives at his door, asking him to look for her missing sister, Amy. She definitely is a killer, one who specialises in non-human targets.

That search leads to York, following the only piece of information he has: that Amy Winter was working for vampire and old friend Evan Philips. He reveals Winter was helping him catch a shadowy figure who had managed both to band together the local werewolves and to do the unthinkable: corrupt a Tracker.

Neilson must confront the side of himself that he despises as he continues to search and faces a much larger threat, one that could potentially reveal the supernatural world to the human population.
Following the events of Searching, Neilson would like to get on with his life, but things aren’t that simple. His home has suffered what looks like a freak accident, and worse, investigators have arrived to look into what happened on the night Evan Philips died. Lying could mean death, but the truth holds a dangerous secret.
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