Steven L. Shrewsbury

Steven L. Shrewsbury, 34, lives in rural Central Illinois with his wife, Stacey, and his son, John. He has been making up stories since before he could read and took to re-enacting ancient wars in his sandbox. He is employed by a major printing company and, ironically enough, puts books together every night;100 poems and 140 of his short stories have appeared online or in print media. His novel NOCTURNAL VACATIONS was released in the summer of 2002 from Publish America. He can also be found in the high fantasy anthology GRIMOIRE DE SOLACE from iUniverse and in the anthologies ATROCIUS AQUA, SCRIPTURES OF THE DAMNED, and CEMETERY POETS from Double-Dragon. An avid reader, he devours books on history, religion, conspiracy theory, politics and the occult. In his spare time, he roots for Chicago sports teams, for better or worse, and generally enjoys country life. He is still looking for a brighter world, wherever it may hide.

Titles Available from Steven L. Shrewsbury

DEPTHS OF SAVAGERY is a collection of 13 tales of barbaric heroic fantasy. Through tales involving ancient Celts, Vikings, other-worldly Crusaders, and Confederate Guerillas, the human animal is dissected to the bone. Desperate times call for desperate actions, and the primal callings of the inner soul are put to the test in this savage collection. Whether it is stories of ancient Celtic warfare, Viking society, aboriginal paganism, or psychometric archeologist Elijah Blackthorn observing the past, DEPTHS OF SAVAGERY taps the veins of the human soul and pushes one to the brink to decide: how much is it worth to survive? Come trod through the bloody footprints of history and feel the primal pulse of the beast that is mankind.
Let your eyes adjust to the darkness contained within this unparalleled tome of terrifying poetry. Let yourself be drawn down into the mausoleum of decayed verbiage and grim visions, meeting the poets your mortician always warned you about. These seventeen international authors gathered in the cemetery are already well known within horror poetry circles for their diverse imaginations. Deftly shifting from free verse to sonnets, from grotesque to darkly comical, the Cemetery Poets scream from beyond the grave with deadly accuracy. Editor Peggy Jo Shumate asks, "Do you have a dread of shadowy places?" The answer, after reading Cemetery Poets: Grave Offerings, will undoubtedly be a resounding yes! Step inside the cemetery gates and
savor every wretched flavor of fear ever conceived.
Herman Melville said it best when he proclaimed that every path eventually leads to the sea. For it is the sea that holds our most sacred and terrifying fears, yet it also holds a glorious mysticism over us as a race, an attraction so strong that most of us flock to beaches, river banks, creeks, and lakes at every opportunity to stare out into the vast blueness and wonder: what's out there?

Take my hand, Dear Reader, and swim with me through this journey of sixteen tales of watery terror. As we swim, if something reaches out of the darkness and gropes for your ankle, if something pulls you deeper into the depths of liquid madness, if your breath is stolen from you and you find yourself inhaling nothing but muddied water... do not fear, for it is just the ocean reclaiming what is already hers: your soul.

Here is a collection of stories for those of you who shudder at the thought of gulping down one more of Aunt Ida's "famous" cookies, who dread facing another interminable discourse from Uncle Earl about pig farm economics. If the first few notes of "Away in a Manger" cause you to grab something sharp and look around frantically for an eye to stab it in this book was written for you.
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