Steve Lazarowitz

Who am I? Glad you asked.

Apparently I?m a masochist. You have to be to participate in this crazy industry. I?m a masochist with a dream. In my experience, there is nothing more dangerous. I?m an egotist. You have to be that too, to believe with all the words in the world today, you have something new to add.

I?m an American man, a New Yorker, living abroad in Tasmania. That’s something you don?t see every day, but I guess I do. I?m an animal lover. Not just dogs and cats but all the animals we share this wondrous planet with, including my fellow human beings. I?m fascinated by insects, awestruck by coral reefs and amazed by the myriad relationships found throughout the web of life. I?m a writer. I?m a poet. I?m a husband. I?m a father... well a stepfather at least, but I treat my stepsons as my own flesh and blood. I?m a gamer. I love games, the more convoluted, the better. I?m actor and artist too, but for various reasons, choose not to elucidate that statement at this time.

What do I write? Stories, poetry, essays, articles, bios, blurbs. I wrote what you?re reading now. Amazing isn?t it. These very words emerged from what’s left of my mind. Absolutely amazing. If you want to learn more about me, consider professional help. If you STILL want to know more about me, check out some of my ebooks. You just might find yourself entertained.

Titles Available from Steve Lazarowitz

What elements are essential when building a fictional world? Do your characters need more dimension? Is your plot going no where? Do you want to write like a Pro even though you are just beginning? Are you a published writer looking for dynamic insights into the art and craft of writing? You will find these answers and much more in The Muse On Writing, a book geared for all genres and writers at every stage in their career.

The Muse on Writing, available through Double Dragon Publishing will inspire you, motivate you, amuse you and inform you.
Writing short stories is not easy. The reason it isn't easy is because they are short. The writer is still charged with producing living characters who have personalities: good, bad, or milksop. Add to that a dynamic narrative that gives you, the reader, an opportunity to see, hear, feel, smell, and taste what the folks who inhabit those little stories do, and the authors have a demanding job on their hands. Short stories are a great deal more than sitting on an old apple crate and hammering away at the QWERTY.    
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