Stephanie Sicotte

By day, I am a communications specialist; evenings and weekends I am a spinner of tales. My first love is reading and writing books of all genres -- romance and historicals are my particular passions. I live in Georgetown, Ontario, Canada with my wonderful husband and adorable puppy.

Titles Available from Stephanie Sicotte

Who believes in ghosts? Tate Stirling doesn?t, but with all of the weird things that keep happening in her cabin, she’s finding it difficult to discount the chance of paranormal intervention. She can?t tell anyone, though, especially not Piers Lafournier, her new boss. He?ll use any excuse to run her out of town. And there’s no way on earth is going back to New Orleans where a painful past waits to drag her down once more. Ghosts, spirits and mysterious night visitors be damned. She’s staying put--and Piers might as well start getting used to it.
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