Siondalin O Chnoc

Siondalin O’Chnoc lives a sensual writing life in rural New England, tucked between hills, fields, and forests where she gardens and raises chickens. In addition to creating erotic and romantic fiction, Siondalin ranks as an award-winning author of poetry, literary fiction, news articles and magazine features on subjects ranging from rural life to civil rights and legal issues. She is a loving wife and mother, a passionate cook, and a skilled composer/musician who plays in a regionally notorious Irish-American pub band.

Titles Available from Siondalin O Chnoc

The crisp air of hunting season holds a chill of fear for sixty-two-year-old Maisie, who sits in her remote mountain cabin awaiting the annual visit of her lover David, as she has every year for decades. But for the first time, he is late. Has something happened to him? Work, another life separate from hers, and family obligations keep David in town in the valley. He escapes only once a year for the long walk up the mountain to Maisie’s arms, but the two fit a year’s worth of loving sensuality and sexual passion into each of those treasured weeks. Night falls, and Maisie fears the worst, but finally David arrives, to make the electrifying announcement that will radically change both his life and Maisie’s.
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