Shanice Grooms

Shanice Grooms always knew she had a love for writing since the tender age of ten. In high school, she took her first creative writing class, where it solidified her passion for literature. She later went on to minor in “Creative Writing” in college, refining her skills and writing her first novel. By 2010, Grooms completed her second book while she was an undergrad. This second book would go on to be her first published work, entitled, Midnight Revenge.

Grooms is currently working on several short stories and novels. In her spare time, she mentors the youth that also share the same adoration for fictional writing.

Titles Available from Shanice Grooms

Vara was born with supernatural powers, and because of this, she always felt cursed and alone. If that wasn’t enough, her parents were brutally killed in front of her when she was seven. After suppressing this memory for years, she realizes that her parents died because of her. The reader will see Vara uncover secrets, suffer betrayal, and discover the most dangerous thing to her mission of revenge – love.
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